General Policy
It is the intention of Richard Bland College that students who begin their work at other accredited institutions will be given the opportunity to transfer legitimate and equivalent coursework to be applied to the appropriate degrees offered by Richard Bland College.

A minimum of thirty credit hours must be completed at Richard Bland College toward
the Associate Degree. Nine of the last 15 hours must be earned in residency at Richard
Bland College to satisfy degree requirements. Richard Bland College may accept up to
thirty-three credits earned by the student at other accredited institutions, scoring the
appropriate score on the CLEP examination, scoring the appropriate score on the AP
examination and satisfactorily completing two high school courses relating to the subject,
or earning ACE credits through specialized training and experiences in the military
CLEP – College Level Examination Program
Richard Bland College awards college credit to students who score satisfactorily on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). The maximum number of semester credits awarded to a student for CLEP General Examinations and/or Subject Examinations is thirty. These hours are not used in the computation of the student’s RBC grade point average. Generally a student may not attempt credit by examination for a course in which a failing grade was received, or for a basic course in an area in which acceptable college credits have been earned at a more advanced level. Credits awarded will not exceed those awarded by CLEP; for example, French Language, Level 1, will be awarded six credits for French 101-102 instead of eight credits that would be earned if the student completed the courses at RBC. Students seeking locations for taking CLEP tests may contact the RBC Registrar’s Office at 804-862-6185. The full list of CLEP credits accepted by RBC is published in the current college catalog
Advanced Placement Tests

Richard Bland College recognizes the Advanced Placement Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board as a legitimate means of acquiring college credit for qualified students who have completed college-level courses while enrolled in an accredited secondary school. It is the responsibility of the student to see that official transcripts from the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board are furnished to the College for evaluation by the Registrar. Credit will be awarded on the basis of recommendations suggested by the American Council on Education (ACE). These hours are not used; however, in the computation of the student’s RBC grade point average.
American Council on Education (ACE) – Credit Awarded for Specialized Training
and Experiences in the Military Services
Richard Bland College is a member of the Service Members’ Opportunity Colleges
(SOC), a consortium of over 1,500 colleges and universities that provide college-level
educational opportunities for service members and their families. As a SOC member,
RBC recognizes the GED high school equivalency certificate/diploma; recognizes
learning gained from specialized training and experiences in the military services;
establishes competency by nationally recognized means; such as standardized tests.
Official “Registry Transcripts” received from various United States military branches are
evaluated using the “ACE Credit Recommendations” on each transcript.