Campus Police, Safety & Security

Richard Bland College Police Department operates 24 hours a day and is staffed by sworn police officers.  Every officer has completed training mandated by the Department of Criminal Justice Services and is continually updated.  All officers have received training in first aid, CPR and the use of AED’s.  Most are certified emergency medical responders.  The Department has jurisdiction on all property the College owns, operates, or leases.


Mission Statement:


 The mission of the Richard Bland College Police Department is to provide a safe and secure living, learning, and working environment for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the College by actively pursuing a positive relationship with the campus community, preserving public order, providing emergency medical services, protecting the life and property of all, and providing education and training to law enforcement personnel and the College community.


There are several emergency call boxes located at various sites across campus.


Dialing 911 from a cell phone or 911 from a college phone (9-911 from Humanities Building campus phones) will connect you with either the Dinwiddie or Prince George County Emergency Communications Center which can relay the emergency to the RBC College Police.


In non-emergency situations, please contact the Campus Police directly at (804) 863-4085.