Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the Emergency Notification System?
A) The Emergency Notification System, RBC Alert, is a means of communication that provides students, faculty, and staff with emergency information and/or updates about incidents happening, may possibly happen, and/or weather related information. All emergency information can be received by phone (landline), cell phone, e-mail, and/or SMS text message. The College provides this valuable service through Blackboard Connect-ED,


Q) What kind of situations will this notification system be used for?
A) The College will only send you messages when circumstances may pose a threat of imminent danger. Emergencies, consisting of but not limited to, fire, hazardous materials spill, an act of violence, or a weather condition that could be or is affecting the campus community. The system will be tested at least once a semester to ensure effectiveness and everyone will be notified prior to the test.


Q) How do I opt-in (sign up)?
A) As a student, faculty, or staff member you automatically have the ability to log on to a secure web-based portal, click on the text for Opt-In Here!.  When you get to the portal page, you will need to enter your College e-mail address under e-mail address and then enter your College “R” number, the one you use to register for classes, under ID Number then just click “Sign In”. Once you are in the portal you will be able to add or update your contact information.


Q) Will my personal contact information be kept private by the College and Blackboard Connect-ED?
A) Your information will be kept confidential and only used for the emergency notification process.


Q) Is there a cost?
A) The College is not charging students, faculty, or staff for this service. Although, if you opt-in to receive text messaging to your cell phone, you may incur charges from your cell phone provider when a text message is received. Please check with your cell phone provider to understand your charges.


Q) Can my parents or other family members also sign up so they’ll know what’s going on?
A) At this time, only currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff are being provided this service by the College. The system does allow you to enter more than one contact phone number. So a student could enter a phone number for their parent or other family member under one of their contact numbers but the College only recognizes the number as belonging to the student.


Q) What information do I have to provide when I sign up?
A) The College has already input all current student, faculty, and staff e-mail addresses that are assigned by the College. The College has also input all College phone numbers assigned to offices for faculty and staff. Also, residential students’ apartment phone numbers have been put in the system by the College. Any personal information such as home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, personal e-mail accounts, work phone numbers, and SMS texting information will have to be entered by you through the web portal, which you can access by clicking on the text for Opt-In Here!.


Q) What do I do if my cell phone number changes?
A) If any of your personal contact information changes, you will need to log into the secure web-based portal and update your information. Remember, you can access the web portal by clicking on the text for Opt-In Here!.


Q) Why is my phone number listed as “999-999-9999″?
A) It is a placeholder.  The RBC Alert system requires us to have at least one phone number for every person to initially enroll them in the system.  The only phone numbers and e-mail addresses initially installed were ones the College owns and operates which means you did not have one of these at the time of installing information in the system.  Please replace the 9s with your current and correct phone numbers.


Q) How will I be notified in the event of an emergency?
A) The individual sending the information on behalf of the College can select to send the information to all the contact devices listed for an individual or only contact by the primary device set for the individual. Usually all messages regarding an emergency will be sent to all devices so the College has a greater chance of reaching the student, faculty, and staff at least once during these circumstances.


Q) I received the message but I missed the information.  What should I do?
A) You can replay the message by pressing the star key (*) at the end of the message.


Q) Who do I contact if I didn’t get a message during an emergency situation?
A) First, you will need to go into the emergency notification system portal to verify that all of your contact information is correct. Once this is complete, then contact the College Police Department for further assistance.