Blackboard FAQ

  • What will I need to log in?
    You will need your RBC Student Email ID (This is your email address without

  • I don’t know my RBC Student Email ID. How can I find out what it is?
    You can find out your Student Email ID by asking your Professor, someone on the Library staff, or someone in the Academic Computer Lab. You can also find out your Student Email ID by accessing Banner web, clicking on Personal Information link or on the Personal Information Tab listed, and then clicking on View Email Addresses.

  • Who do I contact if I cannot log in?
    Your professor is your first point of contact. They can confirm your RBC Student Email ID. For critical/technical issues, please contact or 804-862-6401.

  • Can I change my password?
    Yes, you can. Remember that passwords should be at least 8 characters long, mixing letters with digits and at least one symbol. Do not use a password that will identify you, i.e. your parents name, your pet’s name or your favorite sport, etc. On the My Institution tab under Tools, click on Personal Information. There you will see a list of items, click on Change Password.

  • I changed my password and I cannot log back in. What do I do?
    You will need to click the Forget Your Password? link on the Blackboard login page (underneath where you enter your username and password). Enter your information in either #1- Username Option or #2 – Email Address Option and an email will be sent to your RBC Student Email Account. Note: The fields on the Forgotten Password page are not case-sensitive.

  • I entered all the required fields on the Lost Password page but it gave me an error. What should I do?
    You may be entering the wrong information in the fields- remember to enter your legal first name. Please see the information listed above for your username and email address. Note: The fields on the page are not case-sensitive.

  • I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer but I am having issues using it with Blackboard. What should I do?
    Please try using another web browser. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers.