The Richard Bland College Library is very grateful for the many gifts it receives from its generous patrons. Donations to the library can be made by sending a check to Richard Bland College Library specifying the funds are for the Library, or through the RBC Foundation by selecting “Friends of RBC Library/Hartman.” If you have any questions about the opportunities below, email us at


friendsFriends of RBC Library

The mission of the Friends of the RBC Library is to provide support, service, and recognition to the Richard Bland College Library. To this end, our goals are to:


  • Bring together persons interested in libraries;
  • Assist the Richard Bland College Library in meeting the educational, vocational, and individual needs of the RBC community;
  • Establish a relationship between the library and the surrounding communities;
  • Foster awareness of the library’s resources, services, and needs;
  • Enrich library resources through memberships, gifts, and fundraisers; and,
  • Foster a cooperative spirit in campus-wide projects


To join, just download and return our membership form. It’s FREE for students to join, and just $10 for individuals.


Donate Materials

The Library does accept gifts in the form of new and used books, archival materials, movies, prints, etc. The Library does not accept gifts of magazines or microfilm. The Library will do one of the following with the donated materials:


  • Add the item to the library collection and recognize the name of the donor in the catalog.
  • Donate the item to The Friends of the Library for future book sales.


Donors can be issued letters verifying that a specific number of items were donated to the library; however, the library does not appraise items and therefore can not specify a dollar amount for donated items.


friends-booksaleFriends of RBC Library Book Sale

The Friends host an ongoing sale of used books. Hardcovers are $0.50 and paperbacks are $0.25 each. The bookshelves are located on the first floor of the library, and you can access them anytime the library is open! All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library.


Naming Opportunities

Rooms and furniture can be designated with the name of donors. Contributions to this program are tax-deductible. All funds will go directly to the Library and will be used to purchase educational and recreational print and audiovisual resources, promotional items, library supplies, and/or library furniture. If you name a room in the amount of $500 or more, you become a lifetime member of the Friends of RBC Library.  View current areas, rooms, and furniture that have been designated in honor or memory of people associated with the college.


Information Commons Computer Center $5,000
Electronically-Controlled Compact Shelving $3,000
Large Study Room on Second Floor $2,000
Library Community Room $2,000
“Stairway to Knowledge” Staircase $1,500
Circulation Desk $1,000
Library Display Area at Cafe Entrance $200
Individual Library Table $100
Individual Library Carrel or Small Table $75


Book Name Plates

Donors can pay tribute to a special person by having a book ordered in that special person’s name. Print out and complete this form, which explains the process.


book_tribute_woodman-handy                                      bookplate-iran


RBC student Christine Woodman donated funds in memory of her grandmother Margaret Heichburger who was a teacher in Iran for 10 years. The book Women and the Political Process in Twentieth-Century Iran was purchased in her honor.