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General Information

What are the library hours?

Please consult the online schedule for Library hours.

Where can I get directions to the college?

Directions to the college are available online.

Is there a place to return my items when the library is closed?

Yes, the book drop is located on the side of the Library/Commons building at the loading dock near the disabled parking.

Do you have group study rooms available?

Yes, there are two group study rooms available upstairs in the library. If you wish to use one, you must present your library card at the Circulation Desk in order to borrow a key to the room for two hours.

What is the Financial Aid School Code Number for Richard Bland College?

The Richard Bland College Financial Aid School Code (also known as the Title IV Code) is 003707. For more information, please consult the Financial Aid website.


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Using Technology in the Library

Do I need change for the copy machine?

Currently enrolled students do NOT pay for photocopies. Alumni and community patrons are charged five cents per page. The honor system is used for payment.  Pay at the circulation desk.

Does it cost to print in the library?

Currently enrolled students do NOT pay for black-and-white printing. Alumni and community patrons are charged five cents per page for all black-and-white printing.  When you print a document, it will be held in a queue at the circulation desk.  Just pay at the desk to receive your printouts.  The library does offer color printing for both students and community patrons at a charge of 25 cents per page.

Do I need to sign up to use a computer?

Students, faculty, and staff will login using their RBC email address (including the @rbc.edu) and email password.  Visitors will need to have a library card to use a computer.  Just ask for one at the circulation desk.  You will then be a given a card with a username and password to login.  There is no time limit to use our computers.

Is wifi available in the Library?

Yes. Wireless access is available in all campus buildings, and the network is called “rbc-air.” Faculty and students can login using their RBC email username (with the @rbc.edu) and password. Guest access is available by registering with the network. Ask a librarian if you have trouble!

May I use the library computers to watch movies, Facebook, or play games?

Gaming is not allowed on any of the library computers. This is a state regulation for all state computers, not an RBC regulation.  However, you are welcome to use the computers in the main part of the library to watch movies, Facebook, check email, or browse the Internet for recreational reasons.

I can’t get on my email. What do I need to do?

Your user name for email is the entire email address including the @rbc.edu. If you can’t remember your email address, you can look it up in Banner under the “Personal Information” tab. If you still can’t get on, contact the STAC Help Desk at (804) 862-6401 to confirm your user name and/or reset your password.

How do I get into Banner?

Students use Banner to view their course schedule, access grades and register for classes. Logging into Banner requires you to enter your R number (capital R + eight digits) and your PIN. Initially, the PIN is your birthdate in six digits (MMDDYY). After first using the system, you will be required to create a new PIN. To actually register for classes in Banner, you will need to use the six-digit alternate PIN assigned to you by your advisor. The library staff can help you get started in Banner, but detailed questions about registration should be forwarded to the Registrar (862-6206 or registrar@rbc.edu).


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Finding Items

How do I look up a book in the RBC Library?

Use the RBC online catalog. You can type in a title, author, subject, keyword, or periodical title. Then click on the appropriate search button.

Where can I find books on reserve in the library?

Ask for these books at the Circulation Desk. Depending on the preferences of individual instructors, reserve items may sometimes be only used in the library or borrowed overnight, for three days, for five days, or for fourteen days. You can review reserve lists by going to the old LION catalog and searching under “Reserve Desk.” The overdue fine for late reserve items is $5 per day. For more information on Reserves, review the Library’s information page on Course Reserves.

The computer says the book is on the shelf, but I can’t find it! Help!

Verify the location of the book within the Library to see if you should be looking in the STACKS or in another area of the library. Also, make sure that you are not searching the STACKS for an e-book. (The record would be tagged with the word “e-book”). If you are still having trouble, ask a librarian for assistance!

What does the location “Internet Accessible” mean when I look up a book?

It means the book you have located is an e-book, and it’s available online. Click the title of the e-book, scroll to the bottom, and click the link that says “Available to RBC users.” It will launch a new window to the e-book.

Can you obtain articles or books for me from another Library?

Yes. All students and faculty may request items through Interlibrary Loan. You can complete an Interlibrary Loan request form. Please allow time for delivery.

My professor keeps talking about VIVA. What is VIVA?

VIVA is a consortium of nonprofit academic libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through this consortium, students at RBC have access to thousands of electronic journals and newspapers.

How do I access the VIVA Databases from home?

First, you will need to make sure that you have an RBC email account. The RBC Library website contains a list of databases available to RBC faculty and students through the library’s VIVA subscription. Off-campus access is available for all of these databases. When you click on these database links from off-campus, you will be prompted for your email username (without the @rbc.edu) and password.

My professor said I had to have an article from a professional or scholarly journal. Where do I find that?

Scholarly journals are periodicals that are often published by a society such as the American Medical Association which publishes the Journal of the American Medical Association. An easy way to find full-text professional journals online is to use Academic Search Complete. When setting up your search, check the box that says limit to “Scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.” This will limit your search results to publications where the articles have gone before a peer-review board before being published. Be aware that professional journals do not have to start with the phrase “Journal of.”

My professor wants us to find a newspaper article. How can I do this?

The Library subscribes to local and national newspapers. However, in order to be able to search by topic and to find full-text articles in a variety of newspapers, use the Factiva database.


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Borrowing Items

How many items may I check out?

It depends on who you are – faculty, student, community patron, or high school student. Please review our circulation policies for a breakdown of what you can check out. Students may check out up to five books as well as two videos and/or DVDs.

Do I have to pay fines if my books are late?

Yes. There is a late fee of 25¢ per day for overdue books, a fee of $1 per day for videos and DVDs, and a fee of $5 per day for late reserves and Interlibrary Loans. Transcripts and grades will be withheld if a student has outstanding library obligations.

Who can check out videos and DVDs?

Videos and DVDs may only be borrowed by RBC students, faculty, and staff.

Can I renew my items that I’ve checked out?

Yes and no. You can renew your books by stopping by the library or giving us a call at (804) 862-6226. However, please note that we do not renew videos or DVDs or reserve items for students. You login to the catalog to renew your items yourself. You will need your R number and 6-digit birthday pin.

Can I view my library account online?

Yes. You can login to the catalog by the clicking the link in the top right corner.


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Getting Help

I need to talk to a librarian. How do I contact someone?

You may call or email any of the librarians for information or assistance with research. Send an email to library@rbc.edu or telephone a librarian at 804-862-6226.

Can you help me research and write my term paper?

Consult a librarian for research assistance. We can help you locate books, articles, reference material and websites on your topic. Visit our Research Guides page for information on selecting a topic and finding sources for your paper. Use our MLA and APA online style guides for help with parenthetical documentation and works cited pages. For extensive help formulating, writing and editing your term paper, you should consult the RBC Writing Lab.


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