May 24, 2013

With appreciation to everyone who provided ideas and input throughout the collaborative process of working with our professional partners to develop branding materials in alignment with the College’s updated mission, vision and 2019 strategic plan, I am pleased to present final logos (see attachment featuring variations of the College logo at the top and the new logo for College athletics at the bottom) to be used in all future marketing and communications. The accompanying tagline is: Create Your Journey.   Lashrecse Aird is to be commended for her outstanding work as the branding project manager. With the branding work now complete, Lashrecse and Jenna Chaney will move immediately into website development and a marketing campaign focused on elevating awareness of Richard Bland College and enrollment enhancement. More information on these projects is forthcoming.



As of today, 179 students have committed to attend Richard Bland College in the fall of 2013, and about 135 students have committed to enter as residential students. Our targets are 595 and 350 respectively, so we have a long way to go in reaching our goals. The admissions team under Tyler Hart’s leadership and the student housing team under Jason Brown’s leadership are working hard to recruit a fall class and a residential population that reflects our desired student profile, inclusive of honors students and student athletes. We are tracking enrollments on a weekly basis.


Staff Update
In June Karen Peffer will transfer from her current staff position in the Registrar’s Office to serve as administrative assistant to the Dean of Faculty. Karen possesses substantial prior experience in providing administrative support to the chief academic officer at Richard Bland College, and I am confident that her knowledge and skills will be a great asset to Interim Dean Mark Fidelman, to the faculty and to the entire campus community.


I also extend congratulations to all members of the Richard Bland College family who celebrated an employment anniversary in May, including:


Brian Travis                 4 years

Tyler Hart                    5 years

Nate Jellerson            5 years

Lauren Sumner          5 years

Jesse Wray                  5 years

Diane Fair                    6 years


Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!