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Academic Status

Academic Status

Richard Bland College has three levels of academic status for its students: Good Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Suspension. In order to continue in college, a student should normally maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average on all work attempted. If the grade point average is deficient, the student should be able to remove the deficiency within two semesters of full-time study in order to achieve the minimum 2.00 grade point average required for graduation.

  • Academic Status - Good Standing

    • To continue in Good Standing, a student must meet or exceed the following minimum academic requirements:

      1. At the end of the first semester (9-11 semester hours minimum, including developmental hours), the student must have attained a grade point average of 1.25;
      2. At the end of the first semester (12 semester hours minimum not including developmental hours), the student must have attained a grade point average of 1.50;
      3. At the end of the second semester (24 semester hours minimum not including developmental hours), the student must have attained a cumulative grade point average of 1.75;
      4. At the completion of 45 semester hours (not including developmental hours), the student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00.
  • Academic Probation

    • A student who has not met the minimum academic requirements in the preceding semester to maintain Good Standing will be placed on Academic Probation. The student will be notified of this action by a letter from the Registrar. A student on Academic Probation must meet the following conditions during the probation semester.

      1. The student’s academic load may not exceed thirteen semester hours.
      2. The student must earn at least a 2.00 grade point average for the semester while on academic probation, or meet the requirements of Good Standing.

      A student in violation of either of these two conditions will be subject to academic suspension from the College. At the end of the probation semester (or completion of 12 academic hours), the student may be:

      1. returned to Good Standing if the student has met the conditions of the pro­bation semester and earned sufficient quality points;
      2. continued on Academic Probation if the student has met the conditions of the probation semester, but has not earned sufficient quality points to regain Good Standing. In such case, the student will be allowed to continue in college, but only on continued Academic Probation. If Good Standing is not regained at the end of the second semester of Academic Probation, the student will be placed on Academic Suspension; or
      3. placed on Academic Suspension if the student has not met the conditions of the first probation semester. (See Academic Suspension)

      The student will be notified of such status by a letter from the Registrar.

      A student admitted to Richard Bland College under Academic Probation from another college or university is subject to the same requirements as continuing Richard Bland College students under Academic Probation.

  • Academic Suspension

    • A student placed on Academic Suspension is required to withdraw from the College for a minimum period of one semester. A student will be placed directly on Academic Suspension at the end of nine (9) hours attempted if the cumulative grade point average is below 0.50. Students placed on Academic Probation may be subject to Academic Suspension after one semester if the grade point average is not appropriate for the total number of credit hours attempted (See Academic Status – Good Standing). A student will be notified of Academic Suspension by a letter from the Registrar.

      A student who is on Academic Suspension from Richard Bland or any other college is not permitted to enroll in any program of the College for one full semester after suspension. If a student on Academic Suspension wishes to return to Richard Bland College,s/he should submit the online application for admission and indicate s/he is applying as a re-admit student. Academic status (Good Standing or Academic Probation) will be determined at the time the student is re­admitted. A student who has been sus­pended for a second time from Richard Bland College or from any other institu­tion of higher education may not be considered for readmission/admission.

      If a Richard Bland College student is suspended at the end of the spring semester and is pre-registered for a course during the Intersession (short term immediately following the Spring semester) the student will be permitted to complete that term and will receive credit for the course(s). However, the student will not be permitted to enroll in additional classes until the upcoming Spring semester. Pre-registration for any other Summer term following the Spring suspension will be terminated and tuition refunds will be issued. Credits earned while under suspension from this or any other college will not be accepted by Richard Bland College.


  • Academic Amnesty

    • Although all credits and grades earned at Richard Bland College are a part of the permanent record, a student may petition through the Office of Academic and Institutional Effectiveness for forgiveness of part or all of the academic record. This amnesty policy is a privilege extended to students who began their academic careers at Richard Bland College, or at any other college, and for whatever reasons experienced academic difficulty. Academic amnesty may be granted to students who have had at least a five-year interruption in college education, and upon re-enrollment in Richard Bland College, have established a satisfactory record. To be forgiven those courses in which a “D” or “F” was earned at Richard Bland College, the student must first complete an equivalent of twelve (12) semester credits and then petition the Dean of Faculty and Academic Effectiveness in writing. The Dean of Faculty and Academic Effectiveness will determine if there is sufficient evidence to consider that the student is better able to succeed academically. After being granted amnesty, the student will retain credit and quality points for courses taken at Richard Bland College in which at least a “C” is earned. Courses for which academic amnesty have been granted will indicate “Amnesty” on the student’s transcript. The cumulative grade point average will not include the hours attempted and quality points earned (if any) for those courses. Eligibility for academic honors, however, is determined on the basis of the student’s entire academic record. If the student is a previous recipient of federal financial aid and is determined to be ineligible for financial aid because of not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines as mandated by the federal government, the ability to receive financial assistance may not be granted until the student has completed a semester and has satisfactory grades meeting the requirements.

  • Challenging Academic Records

    • All course grades and changes in academic status become part of the student’s permanent record. If a student wishes to challenge a change in status to Academic Probation or to Academic Suspension, the student may petition for a hearing before the Academic Standards Committee. Such a petition should be forwarded in writing through the Registrar to the Committee. It may be that sufficient personal circumstances exist, not reflected in the mathematically derived grade point average, to warrant the Committee’s waiving certain academic requirements in a given case or recalculating the student’s grade point average. The Academic Standards Committee will hear the student and any concerned faculty member in order to reach its decision.  The recommendation of the Committee will be reported to the Dean of Faculty and Academic Effectiveness, who will make the final decision and notify the student.  The Committee is not authorized to change a grade.


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