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Provisional Admission Program

Richard Bland College (RBC) may provisionally admit freshman applicants who do not meet the requirements for standard admissions but demonstrate academic potential. In order to be considered, applicants must:

  • Graduate high school with a 2.0 or better GPA with a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma
  • Show yearly improvement on high school transcripts or demonstrate special circumstances
  • Submit at least one recommendation letter from a counselor, teacher, or mentor (non-family)
  • Provide a two-page, double-spaced, 12-point font writing sample answering the following question: What has been your greatest challenge in life and how have you overcome this challenge?
  • Complete an interview and writing exercise with an RBC representative

RBC may also consider eligibility for provisional admission based on other criteria, including:

  • GPA improvement on high school transcripts as a result of changes in personal/living situation
  • Strong academic performance in core classes as opposed to electives
  • SAT or ACT scores at or above the national average

Requirements of Provisionally Admitted Students
Students provisionally admitted to Richard Bland College will be required to sign the Provisional Admissions Contract, stipulations of which include that in their first semester at RBC they must:

  • Enroll in at least 12 but no more than 13 credit hours taught in a traditional classroom format (i.e. no online courses)
  • Complete a student success plan with their Learner Mentor
  • Attend mandatory academic and holistic programming

Provisionally admitted students are to attend onboarding activities and Provisional Admissions programing prior to the start of classes, and are to enroll only in introductory-level courses outside of the lab sciences in the first semester. In addition, provisionally admitted students are strongly encouraged to live on campus so they can take advantage of specific programming and resources made available by Campus Engagement and the Office of Residence Life.

The Provisional Admissions Contract will be valid for the first semester of study, at which point the student will need to meet the academic standards of the College, which are found at http://rbc.catalog.acalog.com by clicking “Academics” and “Academic Status.” Depending on a student’s RBC GPA, they will either be in good academic standing, on academic probation, or suspended from the College for the next semester.

If a student is placed on academic suspension, there is an option to appeal. Whether a student followed through with the requirements listed above will be considered when the appeal is heard by the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee. The student’s adherence to the requirements of the Provisional Admission Program will be considered by the committee in their decision to approve or deny the appeal.

For more information on the program:

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2nd Floor, Enrollment Services Center
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