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Academic Scholars in Residential Environment Living & Learning Community

Nijmah Shabazz

“I like to be intellectually challenged, so the ASPIRE Living & Learning Community enabled me to become a better student in the classroom. The Community was an ideal environment for me to focus on my academic future and provided me the tools to get there.”

Nijmah Shabazz
Richard Bland College of William & Mary ’18
Virginia Commonwealth University ’20
Career Goal: Biology/Pre-Med

ASPIRE Living & Learning Community

The ASPIRE Living & Learning Community (Academic Scholars Program in Residential Environment) focuses on fostering academic excellence. Students participating in this Community are exposed to special opportunities and programs that reinforce academic commitment, build relationships, focus their passions, and encourage curiosity & commitment to lifelong service. Students who join ASPIRE are required to live in Patriot Hall.

To provide residential students the opportunity to live and learn in an inclusive and holistic environment by offering students both social and educational programs designed to challenge and encourage a desire for learning.

To help facilitate retention and develop a culture of learning and service among residential students by surrounding students with various support structures to encourage academic rigor and life-skill building through an integrated mentorship programming approach.


Middlesex, Virginia
Academic Goal: William & Mary
Career Goal: Accountant

“The ASPIRE Living & Learning Community helped me succeed academically because I had people to lean on when I needed assistance. The Community feeling made me more confident.”

  • Program Benefits

    • ASPIRE students will:

      • Exhibit critical and reflective thinking
      • Engage in the campus and residential environments
      • Model responsible decision-making and personal accountability
      • Work effectively in groups
      • Develop leadership skills, such as leading change, listening, resolving conflicts positively, and motivating others
  • Qualifications

      • New students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0
      • Current students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
      • Students must not have any active conduct sanctions
  • Student Responsibilities

      • Earn 100 Engage RBC points
      • Maintain GPA (3.0+)
      • Perform 15 hours of service per semester
      • Become socially engaged in the Richard Bland College community
      • Meet with Resident Assistant on a regular basis
  • Program Snapshot

    • The ASPIRE Living Learning Community is a community designed for residential students with a 3.0 or higher grade point average. ASPIRE is a community-driven by a program comprised of three elements: Academic Excellence, Leadership Development, and Campus Connections.

  • Academic Excellence

    • These educational programs are designed to challenge and encourage a desire for learning by surrounding our students with support structures needed to encourage academic excellence.

  • Mentorship & Leadership

    • These programs are intended to provide students 1-2-1 contact with hall staff that will enable them to form a developmental relationship. Activities may include lunch dates, office meetings, classroom visitations, mediation sessions and participation in a leadership series.

  • Campus Engagement

    • Engagement programs are designed to encourage diversity & to help build a community within Richard Bland College. Campus engagement programs/activities are also used to help RBC students feel connected while allowing students to discover their passions and strengths.

  • Service Learning

    • Service Learning activities will introduce students to the importance of service in their holistic development. Students will be required to complete 15 hours of service per semester. Students can also expect to participate in various service-learning projects around Richard Bland College and the surrounding community.

Join ASPIRE Living & Learning Community

Contact Cherise Bailey at (804) 862-6161 ext. 9033 or cbailey@RBC.EDU

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