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Creating Holistic Opportunities in the College Environment

A Collaborative Community Focused on College Readiness

CHOICE is designed for students who are committed to excelling while in college and desire to be part of a family cohort that will encourage and support them through the various speed bumps that may arise. The true essence of this community is collaborative support. Students will attend regular study hall and participate in a programming curriculum to support their growth.

To encourage and support a living environment that guides students who are committed to academic excellence through intentional interactions, academic readiness, and 1-2-1 mentorship.

To create an interpersonal living environment that supports the growth of students through an interdisciplinary curriculum dedicated to student success.

CHOICE Enrollment


Statesman Scholar
William & Mary ’20
Career Goal: Business Executive

“Richard Bland College gave me a second chance that I never knew was possible. I learned that with hard work and conviction you can achieve anything.”

  • Program Benefits

      • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Dedicated to Student Success
      • Study Hall & Study Groups
      • 1-2-1 Mentoring
      • Extended Quiet Hours
      • Community Living & Support Network
  • Student Responsibilities

      • Participate in 85% of programming
      • Enroll in the ESE 101 course
      • Attend regular study hall
      • Participate in biweekly 1-2-1 conferences
      • Attend monthly community meetings
  • Program Snapshot

    • CHOICE is a residential community. Students admitted into this community are required to live on campus as part of the support structure. It is designed for students who are committed to excelling while in college. The CHOICE community is focused on providing structured and intentional interactions that are designed to enhance the quest for academic success.

  • Mentoring

    • The purpose of mentoring is to allow students to have 1-2-1 interactions with various individuals across the campus community to begin beneficial relationships that will assist in their college success. This will also include separate counseling sessions to periodically gauge each students emotional health.

  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    • This curriculum is aimed to assist students in the transition from high school to college. Through programming and other enrichment activities, students will learn social and developmental skills to support their academic growth.

  • Academic Preparation

    • Staff will work with students on a Individualized Success Plan that will provide collaborative support to achieve their academic goals. The interactions students will have with various faculty and staff during programming, study hall sessions, and their living environment will provide them the opportunity to be prepared to achieve their academic goals.

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Contact Bria Web at (804) 862-6161 or bwebb@rbc.edu

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