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Athletics Policy

Intercollegiate Athletics Participation

Responsibility for Maintenance: Director of Athletics and Recreation

  1. Policy Statement 
    • The Athletics Department is committed to supporting the College’s mission by making a difference in the lives of student athletes. Athletics is an educational opportunity and experience that complements a student’s formal classroom education. Athletic participation helps to facilitate the development of young adults by teaching and reinforcing life skills. Collegiate athletics requires a special commitment and willingness to accept greater expectations and responsibilities. First and foremost, the College expects its student-athletes to be successful in the classroom. Additionally, student-athletes are expected to compete at the highest level while learning valuable life lessons by participating as part of a team and living, learning, and contributing to a diverse community. Participating in RBC athletics is a privilege, not a right.
    • The College shall be recognized as having a nationally competitive athletics program dedicated to positively influencing the academic, personal, social, and athletic development of its student-athletes. The athletics program shall compete to win while teaching life lessons, reinforcing healthy behaviors, and providing opportunities to learn new skills and develop positive habits that collectively assist student-athletes in reaching their full potential.
  2. Reason for Policy
    This policy clarifies the nature of intercollegiate athletics participation as a privilege, not a right, and describes behavioral expectations for student athletes. This policy is not intended, nor shall it be construed, to limit coaching staff discretion as to team membership, participation, playing time, and similar decisions, subject to compliance with the specific minimum standards set forth above.
  3. Applicability of the Policy
    All Athletic Department staff, actual and prospective student-athletes, and Richard Bland College athletics boosters shall become familiar with this policy.
  4. Related Documents
    NJCAA Handbook/Casebook
    Clarification of Intercollegiate Athletics Policy Guidance: The Three-Part Test
    Office of Civil Rights & Title IX Enforcing info from US Dept. of Ed
  5. Contacts

OfficeTitleTelephone NumberEmail
Athletics DepartmentDirector of Athletics and Recreation(804) 862-6250office.athletics@rbc.edu
  1. Procedures 
    Student athletes and members of the RBC Athletic Department, when applicable, must comply with:

    • Applicable federal, state, and local laws
    • Richard Bland College Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
    • National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) rules and regulations
    • Athletic Department procedures, rules, and regulations
    • Team rules and coaching instructions

    Each individual involved in intercollegiate athletics is obligated to know and act in full compliance with these requirements; and to report any violation of NJCAA, conference, and/or College policies or rules of which he or she is aware to his or her head coach or the Athletics Director.
    If a student-athlete is involved in conduct that violates any or all of these requirements, he or she will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action to be determined at the discretion of the team’s Head Coach and/or the Athletic Director (or a designee). Such disciplinary action may include, without limitation, temporary or permanent revocation of athletic privileges, and is in addition to any other consequences that may apply pursuant to applicable laws and/or College policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

Policy History
Approved November 20, 2015
Updated January 11, 2017

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