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Freedom of Speech Compliance 2018 Richard Bland College Virginia Code Section 23.1

…any disruptions regarding constitutionally protected speech to the RBC Communications Director at office.communications@rbc.edu or 804-8C62-6214. https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/campus-safety-police-policies/ https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/communications-policy/ https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/communications-policy/ mailto:office.communications@rbc.edu ATTACHMENT B Policy Name: Freedom of Speech and Assembly on Campus…

Coronavirus Info Center

Update: Statesman Safe & Secure April 7, 2021 @ 3 pm pdf version Dear RBC Community, We have a number of updates for you regarding the Safe and Secure Plan…

Human Resources

…to pick up a student from another public or private educational institution? No. PHEL cannot be used to pick up students from schools K-12, public or private colleges/universities. Can I…

1000 Human Resources Policies


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…Cloud Storage There are many services that provide free online cloud storage. It’s like saving something on a computer hard drive, but it’s accessible anywhere through the internet. Sign up…

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…transfer through academically rigorous programs grounded in the liberal arts tradition of William & Mary and to expand access to college credentials through strategic partnerships, specialized programming, and scalable innovation….

Students & Families

…College is preparing for the safe return of students, faculty and staff for fall 2020. The College is implementing a phase-in with safeguards in all buildings and across campus, along…


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