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RBC Advancement Office

…of all these constituents. Our annual giving letter, can be read here. To make a donation, please click the following link: success.rbc.edu/donate Staff: Tyler Hart, Ph.D. Chief Development Officer 804-863-2107…

Student Handbook

This link will take you to the current Richard Bland College Student Handbook.

XV. Student Code of Conduct Violations

Responsible for Maintenance: Student Conduct Coordinator…

Library Services

Disability Services

Federal Title IV Refund Policy

All students receiving federal student financial aid are subject to the Federal Title IV funds refund policy. Richard Bland College of William & Mary is required by federal law to…

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

X. Residential Living

Responsible for Maintenance: Business Manager…

Campus Reopening Report and Recommendations

…keep themselves sanitized and keep their peers accountable in order to return to campus.” The Team reviewed all relevant Executive Orders from the Office of the Governor as they relate…