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VII. Academic Support and Learning Resources

Student Success Center

The mission of the Student Success Center at Richard Bland College of William & Mary is to ensure an exceptional student experience. Using a wide variety of wrap-around support services, the Student Success Center fosters a campus culture of collaborative and engaged learners working in a rigorous academic and social environment.

Located on the first floor of the library, a wide variety of support services and resources designed to enhance the RBC Student Experience is offered through the Student Success Center including academic advising, disability services, peer-led and online tutoring, career and emotional counseling, and personal and professional development workshops. Please refer to the college website for times and locations of tutoring and other academic support services http://www.rbc.edu/academics/student-support-team/ or call (804) 862-6483.

Our Student Success Center team focuses on creating a one-size fits one, student-centered support system. Learner Mentors support students in developing their individual strengths with targeted interventions suited to their specific goals. The Student Success Center assists in identifying and implementing academic success programs that support progress through graduation, empowering students to take control of their academic journeys.

Learning Support Center

Also located on the first floor of the library, the Learning Support Center’s mission is to provide academic support to all students enrolled at Richard Bland College of William & Mary. The Learning Support Center strives to provide excellence in tutoring services by supplementing student learners with individual and group peer tutoring, thereby empowering students to cultivate the skills, strategies, and behaviors of independent and lifelong learners.

The Writing Center is located in SSHE 222. We provide writers with the opportunity to test ideas with a tutorial staff comprised of academic coaches/tutors and RBC staff. We believe that the best writing support is achieved with academic coaches/tutors who listen and ask questions in order to foster a writer’s own curiosity. We support writers from the beginning, exploratory stages of the writing process to the final phases of polishing the final version.

What is an Academic Coach/Tutor? An Academic Coach is a personalized meeting with a trained coach/tutor who can help to improve your skills and performance. Academic Coaches not only tutor, but they can assist in time management, goal setting, and test preparation

Learner Mentors

A hallmark of the Richard Bland College Exceptional Student Experience involves the assignment of a Learner Mentor to each incoming student. The goal of this program is to hone the knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits commonly associated with success in the 21st century and with the RBC Journey. Learner Mentors work with Richard Bland College students to foster their development as visionary, insightful, responsive, respectful, and resourceful citizens. Each Learner Mentor provides assistance in creating an academically sound plan of study that will lead to on-time graduation from RBC and allow for a successful transition and transfer of credits into a four-year college or university.

Counseling Services

Richard Bland College is committed to offering a variety of counseling services to assist students with their overall development and adjustment to campus. Free and confidential counseling is available for individuals or groups of students needing help with personal and academic concerns. Students may make an appointment to see a counselor in the Student Success Center (first floor of the Library) by calling (804) 862-6263. Because college life poses special challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, students often seek help with balancing their coursework, jobs, and personal lives. To facilitate their development, a counselor will meet with students to identify strategies that will help them achieve realistic goals.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health referrals are available to students whose cognitive and emotional needs are beyond the scope of the services offered on campus. Referrals are made for individuals requiring long-term specialized services or crisis intervention. The Community Agency Referral Guide is a manual that provides students with a list of hospitals, counseling services, crisis centers, and educational agencies throughout the Petersburg/Tri-Cities area. Students may access the manual online.

Transcript Requests

You can request your official transcripts in one of the following ways:

  1. Order online through the National Student Clearinghouse: www.studentclearinghouse.org. You will be required to create a personal profile, submit a transcript request for each recipient, sign electronically, and pay by credit card. Richard Bland College will process the request(s). Ordering transcripts online allows students to track the progress of their requests. Payments by credit card must be in excess of $10.
  2. Submit your request to the College in person or by mail. First print RBC’s transcript request form, which is located at http://www.rbc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Transcript-Request-Form.pdfor submit a letter of request with the following:
    1. Full Name (as it appeared when you were a student)
    2. Your RBC ID number
    3. Date of birth
    4. Your address and telephone number
    5. The address to which the transcript is to be sent
    6. Your signature
    7. The date of your request
    8. Include your payment: $5 per transcript with 3-5 day processing or $10 per transcript with same day/next day processing. Checks should be made payable to Richard Bland College (do not send cash via mail). Immediate processing may not be available for students who attended prior to 2004.

Mail signed request and payment to:
Richard Bland College Director of Records and Registration’s Office
11301 Johnson Road,
South Prince George, VA 23805

In Person
Official transcripts can be requested in person by visiting the Director of Records and Registration’s Office in Commerce Hall.

Note: Official transcripts cannot be released if a financial hold has been placed on your account. This hold must be resolved before a transcript request will be processed.

Unofficial Transcripts
An unofficial transcript is a record of your Richard Bland College enrollment, grades, credits earned, and your grade point average. You will need a copy for your degree planning purposes. It is a good idea to retain a copy for your personal files. Currently enrolled students at RBC may obtain their unofficial transcripts by accessing their Banner Web Account.

Official transcripts issued to students will bear the stamp “Official Transcript Issued to Student” and will be placed in a signed, sealed envelope. Please be sure to follow the required instructions of the receiving institution/agency for an official transcript.

Pick-up of Transcripts
A photo ID is required to pick up a transcript. If the transcript is picked up by someone other than the student, that person’s name and telephone number must accompany the original request and that person must provide a photo ID. The student will be notified via email when the transcript is ready for pickup.

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