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X. Solicitation


Bulletin boards are provided in common areas to keep students informed of RBC activities. Posting on non-residential bulletin boards must be approved by the Director of Communications. Only active student organizations and College departments are authorized to post advertisements. Student organizations must seek approval from their faculty/staff advisor prior to advertising. Posting to residential bulletin boards requires approval from the Residential Director. Posting on main lobby doors, community windows, floors, ceilings, and building exteriors is prohibited. Material that is inappropriately posted or contains obscenities will be removed.

Door-to-door solicitation in the residence halls is prohibited. This includes solicitations for charitable donations or door-to-door advertising and solicitations by RBC student organizations. Solicitation in the lobby or lounge areas requires prior approval from the Assistant Provost for Student Life or Assistant Director of Student Activities & Leadership for non-residential spaces. Student rooms must not be used as places of business, nor can students advertise business functions.

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