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Summer 2021 Registration

Summer 2021 Registration

If you are looking to attend one of RBC’s six summer sessions, please submit your application for registration here.

A live view of enrollment may be found here.

Questions concerning attending RBC as a first-time student? Email:

Summer 2021 Term Dates

Summer Term & LengthDates of TermLast Day to Register*Tuition Due DateLast Date to Drop with No Penalty**Last Day to Order Textbooks
Term 1 (4 week)May 24 – June 21May 21May 19June 21May 18
Term 2 (6 week)May 24 – July 6May 21May 19June 21May 18
Term 3 (8 week)June 1 –July 27May 28May 27July 6May 27
Term 4 (4 week)June 22 - July 20June 21June 17July 12June 17
Term 5 (6 week)July 7 - August 17July 6July 1August 3July 1
Term 6 (4 week)July 21 - August 17July 20July 16August 9July 16

If you wish to drop the course after the start of class, you must do so within 2 days in order to have your charges fully reversed.

*registration after this date requires permission of the instructor

**this is not the last day that books may be ordered, but the “recommended” date in order to have books arrive by first day of class.

Financial Aid for Summer 2021

Visit this link for Financial Aid options for the 2021 summer semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve registered at the link below, then what happens?
The RBC Admissions Team enters the student into the system as a non-degree seeking student. The Student Success Team then registers the student for class. 

What if I am already an RBC student or I have taken winter or summer classes before. Do I still need to register?
Current and active RBC students should see their Learner Mentor to register. Non-active students will need to visit or contact the Office of Admissions for application information.

How do I pick my class?
Students input their class on the application form.

How do I pay for classes?
Students pay at the Cashier’s Office or online. You can reach the office at 804-862-6100, ext. 8100

How do I view my charges?
Students can view their charges in Banner.

Who do I contact with questions?
Students can contact the Office of Admissions or the Student Success Team.

Office of Admissions
Enrollment Services Center
11301 Johnson Rd
South Prince George, VA 23805
(804) 862-6249

Student Success Center                
(804) 862-6403

Office of Admissions

11301 Johnson Rd
South Prince George, VA 23805
(804) 862-6249


Email Office of Admissions

Summer 2021 Registration

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