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Freedom of Speech Compliance 2018 Richard Bland College Virginia Code Section 23.1

…any disruptions regarding constitutionally protected speech to the RBC Communications Director at office.communications@rbc.edu or 804-8C62-6214. https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/campus-safety-police-policies/ https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/communications-policy/ https://www.rbc.edu/policy-manual/communications-policy/ mailto:office.communications@rbc.edu ATTACHMENT B Policy Name: Freedom of Speech and Assembly on Campus…

Human Resources

…pay for your online visit with a credit card. https://www.dhrm.virginia.gov/employeebenefits/health-benefits/online-doctor-visit What if you, your child or another family member gets sick or injured when your doctor’s office is closed? Anytime…

Coronavirus Info Center

…and distribution of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines have significantly increased. As of today, in Virginia, almost 33% of the population has received one dose and over 18%…


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Instead of printing out each article as you do your research, you could save them online and access them anywhere! There are several ways to do this. Save Articles to…

1000 Human Resources Policies

Students & Families

…with workplace practices that are carefully designed to protect staff, faculty and student health and adhere to Virginia’s Public Health Guidelines for Higher Education, VDH and CDC recommendations. All RBC…

Complete Verification

…Bland College 2021-2022 Federal Verification: https://www.verificationgateway.org/rbc2022 Deadline for submitting these documents is August 1, 2022. 2020-2021 Federal Verification: https://www.verificationgateway.org/rbc2021 Deadline for submitting these documents is July 31, 2021. Questions about…

3000 Information and Technology Services Policies