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Policy Manual

Policy Manual

Unless otherwise stated herein, all policies in this Policy Manual were approved by the William & Mary Board of Visitors (“Board”) on November 20, 2015 and updated by President Debbie Sydow on January 11, 2017 with delegated authority authorized by the Board.

A “Policy History” can be found at the end of each policy, showing the date of approval, as well as the dates of updates and/or revisions. Each policy was assigned a number on July 1, 2020. The assignation of a number to each policy is not recorded in the Policy History as an update or revision to the policy.

Within this Policy Manual, an “update” to a policy refers to minor changes, such as updates to numbering within the policy, minor rearrangements of policy sections, and updates to contact personnel information. Within this Policy Manual, “revision” of a policy refers to any changes to a policy more substantive than an “update.”

Regarding any inconsistencies between the body of this Policy Manual and another RBC policy, the body of this Policy Manual shall control. This Policy Manual supersedes all previous policies with the same subject matter or that are inconsistent with this Policy Manual.

The policies in this Policy Manual may be revised at any time upon the approval of the William & Mary Board of Visitors or the Richard Bland College President pursuant to authority granted by the Board of Visitors.

If after following proper procedures pursuant to law and policy, it is determined that you have failed to comply with any of the policies within this policy manual or any other state or Richard Bland College policies, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment, or if a student, expulsion from college.


Welcome to Richard Bland College. As an employee, you are integral to fulfilling Richard Bland College’s mission and honoring its promise to provide an exceptional student experience leading to 100% student success to all who enroll. We count on you as an employee, whatever your title, to work in support of the College’s mission and vision, and to act in accordance with the College’s values and Code of Ethics. And, as an employee, it is your responsibility and a condition of your employment to adhere to all policies set forth or referenced in the Richard Bland College Policy Manual, as well as all other pertinent policies.

The Policy Manual is managed by department heads who are responsible for ensuring compliance within their respective areas of responsibility. Department heads are also responsible for developing effective policy-related procedures and protocols to guide day-to-day business processes.

Recommendations for updates or policy changes should be submitted to the appropriate RBC senior administrator for consideration. It is the responsibility of these senior managers to continuously review and update policies to align with the College’s mission and strategic goals, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Policy approval and interpretation resides with the President of the College and the William & Mary Board of Visitors, unless otherwise specified.

Policy Manual

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