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Student Achievement Measures

Student Achievement Measures

In keeping with its mission and Strategic Plan, Seize Your Potential: Strategic Plan 2020-2025, Richard Bland College evaluates the following metrics:

  • Graduation 150% by Fall Cohort
  • Retention by Fall Cohort
    • Fall-to-Spring
    • Fall-to-Fall
  • Persistence by Fall Cohort
  • 4-Year Baccalaureate Completion
  • Dual Enrollment Measures
    • Percentage of students earning a C or better in DE classes
    • Associate’s degrees granted to DE students

Graduation 150% by Fall Cohort

The College strives to attain a 35% three-year graduation rate. RBC’s minimum threshold for graduation rate both overall and for different demographic populations is 30%.

IPEDS Three-Year Average 150% Graduation Rate for Selected Populations, 2017-2019 Cohorts

The College also measures the graduation rate among different student populations based on gender, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. RBC aims for each group to meet the target graduation rate of 35%.

IPEDS Three-Year Average 150% Graduation Rate for Selected Populations, 2017-2019 Cohorts

* small sample size, results not reported


Men 27%
Women 38%
American Indian or Alaska Native *
Asian 43%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander *
Black or African American 22%
White 46%
Two or more races 51%
Pell Grant recipients 26%
Subsidized Stafford Loan recipients not receiving Pell Grants 33%
Did not receive Pell Grants or subsidized Stafford Loans 47%

Retention by Fall Cohort

Retention is an institutional performance measure and is a strategic priority for the College. For Fall-to-Spring retention, the target is 90% and the threshold is 70%.

3-Year Average Fall-to-Spring Retention by Ending Cohort: First Time Students, Graduates Excluded

For Fall-to-Fall retention, RBC’s target is 65% and its threshold is 50%.

3-Year Average Fall-to-Fall Retention by Ending Cohort: First Time Students, Graduates Excluded

Persistence by Fall Cohort

The College’s strategic target goal for student persistence is 55%. The threshold for student persistence is 45%.

Three-Year Average Persistence by Cohort: Currently Enrolled – Graduated – Transferred to Another College, First Time Students Full- and Part Time



4-Year Baccalaureate Completion

While Baccalaureate completion is not part of the Richard Bland mission, we do monitor the baccalaureate completion of our transfer students. Its target goal for Baccalaureate completions is 70% of all transfer students and its threshold is 60%.

4-Year Completion Rates of RBC Students Transferring in Fall and Spring of Designated Year

Dual Enrollment Measures


In recent years, the Dual Enrollment student population has increased rapidly. RBC does not have data from enough years to set valid thresholds or goals for achievement on DE measures.


Percentage of Students Earning a C or Better in DE Classes, Fall 2022-Spring 2024

Figure 7: DE Students Earning Associate’s Degrees, 2023 & 2024

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