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Student Achievement Measures

In keeping with its mission and strategic plan, Charting the Future: RBC-19 , Richard Bland College evaluates the following metrics:

  • Retention by Fall Cohort (New, Re-Entry, and Transfer Students)
    • Fall-to-Spring
    • Fall-to-Fall
  • Persistence by Fall Cohort (New, Re-Entry, and Transfer Students)
    • Degrees Conferred
    • Transferred to 4-Year Institution Prior to Graduating RBC
  • Monitoring of 4-Year Baccalaureate Completion to meet or exceed a minimum standard


Retention by Fall Cohort

Our institutional goal for Fall-to-Spring student retention is 90%. Our minimum threshold for Fall-to-Fall student retention is 50%.


Persistence by Fall Cohort

Our strategic target goal for student persistence is 55%

Persistence is comprised of both 3-year average transfer and graduation rates as shown below.


Graduation Rate

4-Year Baccalaureate Completion Rate

We consider 60% to be a minimum threshold for Baccalaureate completion.


Last updated December 11, 2017




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