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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Living


  • What housing fees do I need to pay?

    • New Students must pay a $150 refundable housing damage deposit, and a $150 non-refundable enrollment fee.
      Returning Students must pay the $150 non-refundable housing damage deposit.

  • How do I pay the required fees?

    • All Payments should be submitted to the Business Office
      (Make Checks Payable to “Richard Bland College”)
      In person @ the Business Office
      Maze Hall, Room 201 – 11301 Johnson Rd
      South Prince George, VA 23805
      Charge by Phone: (804) 862-6100 x8100
      Pay Online

  • If I change my mind about living on campus, do I get my deposit back?

    • The Room Reservation Fee of $150 is non-refundable. Please see your Housing and Food Service Terms and Conditions for more details.


  • What are the housing requirements?

    • • Returning students must have completed the online application for housing
      • Returning students must register for Fall Classes
      • Returning students must pay $150.00 Non Refundable Room Reservation Fee
      • New students must be admitted to the university
      • New students must pay $150.00 non-refundable enrollment fee
      • New students must complete housing application online
      Payment of fees and submission of a housing application DOES NOT guarantee housing. Space is limited and assigned on a first come first serve.

  • When will housing assignments go out?

    • As stated on the housing application, housing assignments are expected to go out no later than July 15th.

  • I requested to be in a single room, am I guaranteed a single room?

    • Listing that you want to be in a single room is a preference only and does not guarantee you a single room. Please note that we have a limited number of singles to offer residents and we will assign based on the individual need, accommodation, and application received timestamp. We will do our best to accommodate all of our residents, but want to make sure you are aware a single room cannot be guaranteed.

  • How do I submit my health & immunization records?

    • To submit your records, follow these steps: 1. Go to the housing portal 2. Select “my applications & forms” from the menu on the left side 3. Select “Health Insurance & Immunization Records (Fall 2022) 4. After you read over the agreement and select continue you will be able to enter your insurance information and upload up to 5 files for your immunization records.

  • How do I select my meal plan/dining plan?

    • To select your dining plan follow these steps: 1. Go to the housing portal 2. Select “my dining plan” from the menu on the left side 3. Select your preferred meal plan option.

  • How long do I have to complete my housing application?

    • We will be accepting housing applications until the beginning of September. However, please know that the ability to accommodate special requests or preferences will be limited.

  • When will I find out where I will be living or who I will be living with?

    • All roommate information and housing information will be included in the housing assignment letter you receive no later than July 15th.

  • If I requested a single will I get a single?

    • Single rooms aren’t guaranteed to every student. We only have a certain number of singles to offer to residents and we look at students who need accommodations first, timestamp of the received application, and other factors.

  • I requested a specific person to be in my room, will I get them as a roommate?

    • More likely than not we will try to make sure you have a specific person in your room. However, that person must have also completed all of the necessary steps to obtain housing and have also listed you as a roommate request.

  • When do I move-in? (Fall 2022 semester)

    • International students move in on Wednesday, August 24. New Students move in on Thursday August 25 and Returners Friday August 26.

  • What if I don’t like my roommate can I change rooms?

    • After move-in there will be a 2-week freeze put in place so that we can evaluate our occupancy and see what rooms we have vacant in order to offer room changes to students.

  • I’m an athlete so will I live with my teammates or other students?

    • We typically house athletes with their teammates due to scheduling and other needs. You have the ability to live with non-athletes, but please refer those questions to your coach.


  • Who do I contact for housing concerns?

  • What is an RLC?

    • A Residence Life Coordinator is a professional live-in staff persons who supervises, manages, and directs the residence hall and staff.

  • What is an RA?

    • Resident Assistants are student leaders living in the Residence Halls who provide guidance to students from a peer perspective.

  • What do I do when I need something in my room fixed?

    • Contact ORL or any ORL staff member and have them submit a work order request identifying what exactly needs to be repaired in your room. Once the request is processed, someone from Facilities Management will attend to the matter.

  • What furnishings are provided in the room?

    • Generally speaking, each resident is provided with a regular twin-sized bed (bunked), and a desk w/chair. One shared closet is provided in each room.

  • Are pets allowed in the Residence Halls?

    • Fish in tanks no larger than 10 gallons are the only permissible pets.

  • Can I bring my own room decorations?

    • Feel free to decorate your rooms with posters and pictures, but remember to use removable adhesive to hold them up. Nails, tacks, and staples are not approved for hanging, and students will be charged up to $300 to repair and paint walls. Our windows are furnished with vertical blinds so you cannot bring your own curtains.

  • Where do I do my laundry?

    • Each Residence Hall is equipped with room washer and dryers.


  • Does Richard Bland College offer summer housing for students?

    • No, not at this time.

Office of Residence Life

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Mailing Address:
Richard Bland College
Office of Residence Life
11301 Johnson Rd
South Prince George, VA 23805

Contact Information:
Phone: (804) 862-6161

Email Office of Residence Life

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