Richard Bland College
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President’s Council

Dr. Debbie L. Sydow

Dr. Debbie L. Sydow Click for Bio

Maze Hall - President's Suite

Lashrecse D. Aird

Lashrecse D. Aird Click for Bio

Chief of Staff
Maze Hall, Room 108

Dr. Tiffany Birdsong

Dr. Tiffany Birdsong Click for Bio

Director of Academics
Ernst Hall 126
(804) 862-6100 ext. 6267

Preston Bousman

Preston Bousman Click for Bio

Program Manager
804-862-6100, ext. 8528

Dr. Kim Boyd

Dr. Kim Boyd Click for Bio

Chief Research & Innovation Officer
Maze Hall, Room 100
(804) 862-1606

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown Click for Bio

Director of Special Projects & Operations
Campus Safety & Police Department
(804) 862-6203

Dr. Eric Earnhardt

Dr. Eric Earnhardt Click for Bio

Associate Professor of English, Languages & Humanities Chair
Ernst Hall 133
(804) 862-6100, ext. 8585

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards Click for Bio

Chief Business Officer
Maze Hall, 211

J. Tyler Hart

J. Tyler Hart Click for Bio

Maze Hall, Room 107

Eric Kondzielawa

Eric Kondzielawa Click for Bio

Chief Operating Officer
Maintenance Building
(804) 862-6186

Justin May

Justin May Click for Bio

Director of Admissions
Pecan Hall
804-862-6100, ext. 6257

Dr. David Morgan

Dr. David Morgan Click for Bio

Professor of Physics & Chair of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
McNeer Hall, Room 123
(804) 862-6100, ext 6442

Scott Newton

Scott Newton Click for Bio

Director of Student Life and Athletics
Statesman Hall
(804) 862-6250

Lisa Pond

Lisa Pond Click for Bio

Executive Assistant to the President / FOIA Officer
Maze Hall - President's Office
(804) 862-6100 x6221

Terelle Robinson

Terelle Robinson Click for Bio

Community Engagement Coordinator
Maze Hall
(804) 862-6120

Stacey Sokol

Stacey Sokol Click for Bio

Director of Online and Continuing Education
Maze Hall, Room 110
(804) 862-6100, ext. 8603

Cassandra Standberry

Cassandra Standberry Click for Bio

Director of Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
Pecan Hall, Room 204
(804) 862-6100 ext. 6208

Dr. Vanessa Stout

Dr. Vanessa Stout Click for Bio

Associate Professor of Sociology, Social & Behavioral Sciences Chair
SSHE, Room 127
(804) 862-6100, ext. 8575

Ramona Taylor

Ramona Taylor Click for Bio

Legal Counsel

Thomas Travis

Thomas Travis Click for Bio

Director of Campus Safety & Chief of Police
Campus Safety & Police Building

Jesse E. Vaughan

Jesse E. Vaughan Click for Bio

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
Maze Hall, Room 106
(804) 862-6100, ext. 6214

Dr. Evanda S. Watts-Martinez

Dr. Evanda S. Watts-Martinez Click for Bio

Director of Counseling Services & Assistant Professor of Education
Library 2nd Floor, Room 208
(804) 862-6263

Dr. Adam Zucconi

Dr. Adam Zucconi Click for Bio

Assistant Professor of History, Faculty Assembly Chair
Ernst Hall 134
(804) 862-6100, ext. 8553

Additional Council Members

Dana Davis

Virtual Registrar
804-862-6100, ext. 6247

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