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The College of William & Mary welcomes applications from students from Richard Bland College. There are several paths for guaranteed admission to W&M for Richard Bland students including Guaranteed Admission, Promise Scholars and Co-Enrollment (Bridge Program).

William & Mary recognizes that certain circumstances will prohibit some students from falling under the articulation agreement requirements. Richard Bland College students should follow the standard transfer student application procedure.

William & Mary grants junior status (defined as at least 54 hours) to entering transfer students from Richard Bland College with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Sciences or Associate of Arts & Sciences degree in a baccalaureate-oriented program. Information on course evaluations and recommended courses can help guide your course of study.

Please contact the Honors Program Coordinator for questions about the program:
Celia Brockway, Honors Program Coordinator
(804) 862-6100 ext. 8533
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Kayla Zanders

Richard Bland College ‘18
William & Mary ‘20
Career Goal: Foreign Service

“Richard Bland College was the perfect pathway for me to William & Mary. RBC helped me build a strong academic and personal foundation, and I will continue to grow at William & Mary.”

  • William & Mary Guaranteed Admission

    • Richard Bland College is a branch of William & Mary. Both colleges are governed by the same Board of Visitors. This structure gives RBC students the opportunity to gain guaranteed admission to W&M.

      Program Requirements

      Conditions that must be met by students who enter RBC in or after Fall 2018 and want to transfer to W&M under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement:

      • Complete the requirements for the RBC Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree
      • Earn a 3.25 cumulative GPA (excluding physical education courses). If courses are repeated, the original and repeated course grades will be included in the GPA calculation
      • 45 of the 63 credits required for the associate degree must be earned in residence at RBC
      • Students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents and whose native language is not English must submit the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as part of their application to W&M (W&M looks for the following scores: 100 and above on the Internet-based exam, 250 and above on the computer-based exam, and 600 and above on the paper-based exam)
      • Eligibility for admission under this agreement is contingent upon meeting high standards of personal conduct (conviction of a felony or other evidence of behavior inconsistent with the W&M standards and honor code may be grounds for denying or rescinding an offer of admission)
      • Recommended to W&M by the Provost at RBC

      Additional guidelines for applying to William & Mary under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement

      • When applying, choose “Other Fee Waiver” since RBC students are not required to pay the fee
      • Have a 3.25 cumulative GPA or better when applying
      • Students can apply to transfer in the fall or spring semester
      • Be prepared to submit mid-semester grades for the current term of enrollment
      • W&M has a foreign language requirement and it is highly advised to complete this requirement prior to transferring.  You can complete this requirement by doing the following:
        • Passing the fourth level of a single language in high school
        • Completing through the 202 level in a single foreign language at RBC. Depending on the extent of your foreign language courses in high school, you may be required to take only one or two courses at RBC (example: if you complete Spanish II in high school, you need to complete Spanish 201 and 202 at RBC). Consult with RBC Foreign Language faculty to determine placement
        • Review the William & Mary catalog for other means by which to satisfy this requirement
      • Students who intend to enroll in the Mason School of Business at W&M should complete the following prerequisites at RBC: Business 201 and 202 (Accounting I and II), Economics 201 and 202 (Micro and Macroeconomics), Math 201 (Calculus) or Math 207 (Business Calculus), and Math 217 (Introductory Statistics). Note that admission to W&M under the terms of the guaranteed admission agreement provides only for admission into W&M but not does not provide admission into certain degree programs in the Schools of Business and Education. Admission to these programs requires a separate application upon enrolling at W&M
      • A meeting with the RBC Provost to discuss your admission to W&M and to review your program of study must take place in order for a complete application to be submitted

       Financial Support

      • As part of the transfer process, all students are strongly encouraged to complete a CSS PROFILE
  • William & Mary Co-Enrollment Program (Bridge Program)

    • The purpose of the William & Mary Co-Enrollment Program (Bridge Program) is to provide potential transfer students from RBC the opportunity to acclimate themselves to W&M. Co-Enrollment allows Richard Bland College students to take courses at W&M while pursuing their associate’s degree at RBC and working towards completion of the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

      Program Requirements

      • Maintain a 3.25 or better cumulative GPA
      • Be a full-time student with at least 15 credit hours from RBC
      • Commit to attending classes at W&M on Tuesday and Thursday (you will need to adjust your RBC schedule to account for these extra credits)
      • A Letter of Intent completed for the enrollment process
      • Submit an official copy of your RBC transcripts

      Financial Support

      Students taking courses at W&M via the Co-Enrollment Program (Bridge Program) pay RBC tuition prices and have access to resources at W&M, including associated labs, libraries, and information and technology equipment use.

  • Promise Scholars Program

    • The Promise Scholars program is designed to ease transfer for high-ability, Pell-eligible students from Richard Bland College to William & Mary. The Promise Scholars program provides W&M courses at RBC, scholarship funds, guaranteed housing, peer-to-peer support, and mentorship to eligible students who have committed to transferring to W&M.

  • Honors Program

    • Program Description

      The Richard Bland College of William & Mary Honors Program is designed to support academic excellence, leadership, and a global perspective. Students who show these traits are recruited from high schools to join the program as freshmen. Some students become scholars once they enter college, so RBC has opportunities for students to join the Honors Program during their second year. An application and acceptance is required for freshmen and sophomores.

      • Academic Excellence: Maintain a 3.25 or better cumulative GPA with at least 15 credit hours per semester while participating in Honors-level courses
      • Leadership: Demonstrate leadership skills (organization, planning, communication, and delegation) by taking on one or more leadership roles in campus clubs, student assembly, on-campus activities, or other extracurricular activities
      • College & Community Service: Appreciate the importance of civic duty and demonstrate informed and engaged civic responsibility by participating in service-learning projects and 15 hours of community service per semester
      • Academic Enrichment & Global Perspectives: Participate in enrichment experiences on and off campus seminars, arts and culture performances, workshops, and RBC Expo Academic Fair
      • Campus Engagement: Understand what it means to be a part of a campus community by participating in on-campus forums, social events, and educational experiences

      Program Requirements

      • Submit Honors Program application and be accepted into the program
      • Participate in Honors Program orientation during Welcome Week
      • Complete three ESE – Honors courses (1 credit each)
      • Enroll in two Honors courses  (3 credits each) OR W&M COLL courses (second-year Promise Scholars ONLY)
      • Exhibit at RBC Expo Academic Fair
      • Compile 100 Engage RBC points per semester

      Students who apply to the Honors Program are eligible to receive a $500 Honors Program Scholarship toward tuition each semester they fulfill expectations associated with the Program. Information regarding scholarship selection will be communicated when the student is informed of whether he or she has been accepted into the Honors Program.

  • Phi Theta Kappa

    • The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, PTK provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, lively fellowship for scholars, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

      Phi Theta Kappa’s mission is two-fold: 

      • Recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students
      • Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming
  • ASPIRE - Academic Scholars Program in Residential Environments

    • The goal of the ASPIRE Living & Learning Community is to provide an academic environment that offers social interaction, educational experiences, and service learning. Students who participate in this program will be housed in Patriot Hall with their choice of a single or double room. Honors Program students, Promise Scholars, and international students are required to live in this community. Other students with a 3.0 or better GPA are invited to participate in the community as well.

      Program Requirements

      • Complete housing application and select your preference to live in ASPIRE
      • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
      • Earn 100 Engage RBC points per semester
      • Complete 15 hours of service per semester
      • Meet with Resident Assistant on a regular basis
      • No conduct issues