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Richard Bland College


Withdrawal from the College

Students who desire to withdraw from the College must speak with a Learner Mentor who will initiate a Withdrawal From College form. Students under age eighteen must furnish written permission from their parent or guardian to withdraw from the College. Students with outstanding debts to the College must settle their accounts before withdrawing.

If a student withdraws from the College after the penalty drop date (see Academic Calendar for pertinent dates), or does not officially withdraw by notifying the Office of the Registrar in writing, a grade of “F” will be assigned for each course.  If extenuating circumstances exist, the Director of Academics must be informed in writing and appropriate documentation may be required.  The Director of Academics will determine if withdrawal without academic penalty is appropriate.

For information concerning refunds, see the Withdrawal from College Refund Policy.

Readmission to College after voluntary official withdrawal is not automatic. A student desiring to return to the College must apply for readmission using the Apply Now option.

Military Deployment

A student with certain military status who is called to active duty is given special consideration by the College in determining tuition refund or academic deferral of credit. Depending upon the circumstances and timing, such a student may be allowed to withdraw from the College without academic penalty and with full refund of tuition or the student will receive a grade of incomplete with the option of completing the course(s) at a later date or tuition credit for future enrollment. Each case is determined on its own merits based on the College’s receipt of a copy of the appropriate military orders.

Withdrawing from One or More Classes but not from the College (Dropping a Class)

After the conclusion of the Add/Drop period during the first week of classes, class drops are initiated by completing a Class Drop form. Students must contact a Learner Mentor to initiate this form. The form must be signed by the applicable officials and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

A course dropped after the Class Change period but before the Penalty Drop Date (approximately mid-semester) will have the notation “W” on the student’s permanent record.

A course dropped after the Penalty Drop Date receives a grade of “W/F” (included in the computation of the student’s Richard Bland College grade point average). If medical or extenuating circumstances exist, and appropriate documentation can be presented to and approved by the Director of Academics, the grade of “M” (drop without academic penalty) will be assigned to the student’s permanent record. Please refer to the section concerning the College’s grading system.


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