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Student Assembly

The student assembly at Richard Bland College works to represent all students on all matters of representation.

The student assembly is made up of elected members and is supported by its committees: Research and Development, Civic Engagement, Appropriations and Finance, College Policy and Student Rights, and Health and Wellness. The student assembly encourages engagement from all levels of the College’s community. Additionally, they work to ensure that campus policies remain fair, protects student rights, and builds strong relationships between the tri-city area and Richard Bland administration.


Richard Bland College’s student assembly strives to increase student engagement through leadership opportunities, civic engagement, and active involvement in campus events. At its core, student assembly encourages a strong relationship between students, administration, faculty, and staff for the betterment of the Richard Bland community-at-large.

Meeting Times

  • The student assembly meets every Wednesday in McNeer 104.
  • Student assembly council meetings are open to the public and are held on the last Wednesday of every month from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Contact Information:

Executive Board

Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson



Noah Wilson is a sophomore and the president of the student assembly. His goal to bring life to Richard Bland and expand on the student experience.


● Leads the student assembly initiatives and efforts

● Acts as a voice and liaison to faculty, staff, and administration on all student matters

● Works to promote cohesiveness within the student assembly as a whole, as well as between the administration and students

Sean-Patrick Pendleton

Sean-Patrick Pendleton

Vice President


Sean-Patrick Pendleton is a sophomore and the vice president of the student assembly. He is dedicated to ensure great efficiency in the building of student life on campus.


● Assists the president in leading Student Assembly initiatives

● Works closely with and oversees the student assembly committees in order to create a more welcoming and cohesive campus

Christina Perez

Christina Perez



Christina Perez is a freshman and the treasurer of the student assembly. She is from El Salvador and Prince George County. Her goal for RBC is to ensure that the college is held accountable through a complete transparency to the student body.


● Oversees the student assembly budget and finance reporting

● Manages the budget process

● Leads all fundraising efforts

● Accountable for funding guidelines and procedures

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