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Student Assembly Elected Board

The student assembly's elected board represents a number of student interests.

The student assembly’s elected board is comprised of the executive board (president, vice president, and treasurer) and the following representatives:

  • Secretary
  • Historian
  • First-Year Student Representative
  • Second-Year Student Representative
  • Public Relations Officer
  • International Student Representative
  • Commuter Student Representative
  • Residential Student Representative

Interested in running for a position on the elected board?

Elections for executive board positions take place in the spring, while all other positions are elected in the fall.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

Students can schedule a meeting with any of the elected board members via the student assembly email or visit the Office of Campus Engagement.


Michael Mason

Michael Mason


Michael Mason is a sophomore at Richard Bland College of William & Mary. As Secretary of the Student Assembly, Michael hopes to bridge the cultural gaps between students.


● Documents, and records meeting discussion points (minutes)

● Manages and sets the agenda for each assembly meeting

● Assists in directing public interaction during open meetings

Jessie-Lynn Conner

Jessie-Lynn Conner


Jessie-Lynn Conner is a second year at Richard Bland College, and she is currently a historian for SA. She is from Wisconsin but moved here to Virginia. Her main goal this year is to create a lasting impact that involves the memories that have been made at the school for the year.


● Design and implement systems to document student assembly events and initiatives

● Record crucial moments in the academic year

Maria Benitez Artica

Maria Benitez Artica

First-Year Representative

Maria Benitez Artica is a first-year college student at Richard Bland College, and she has the honor of representing the first-year students at Richard Bland College. My goal is to help first-year students feel heard and understood and to know that I’m here to make sure their year is full of fun but also help them with whatever they need to succeed here at Richard Bland College.


● Encouraging first-year students to participate in campus events

● Designing programming that strengthens the sense of community in the first-year student community

Cris Perez

Cris Perez

Second-Year Representative

Cristopher Perez is a sophomore at RBC and a Second-Year representative. He is originally from El Salvador but lives in Prince George County. His goal is to make 2nd years at RBC more aware of events and what is going on in the college, as well as make the voices of those who have ideas be heard by the Student Assembly.


● Provides crucial feedback from the second-year student perspective

● Assists the student assembly by motivating second-year students to participate in campus events

● Promotes the student assembly mission by designing programming for second-year students

Zack Brooks

Zack Brooks

Public Relations Officer

Zackarie Brooks is a sophomore and the Public Relations Officer of the Student Assembly. He is originally from Chesterfield but moved to Prince George in 2014. He aims to bridge the communication gap between students, faculty, and the community off campus.


● Leads and maintains the relationship and communication between the student assembly and the Richard Bland  College community

● Manages student assembly’s branding and image

● Directs public interaction during open meetings

Ruopeng Wu

Ruopeng Wu

International Representative

Ruopeng Wu is a sophomore and the International Representative of the Student Assembly. Ruopeng is an International Student from China. His goal is to encourage international students to engage in the RBC community and help international students get into their ideal four-year university.


● Provide the international student perspective

● Report on matters regarding the international student community

● Promotes the student assembly mission by designing programming for international students

Rachel Ingram

Rachel Ingram

Commuter Representative

Rachel Ingram is a sophomore and the Commuter Representative on the Student Government Assembly.  She is currently a dual enrollment student at Prince George High School.  While on SA, she hopes to improve communication on and off campus and make events more accessible for the entire student body.


● Encourages commuter student involvement on campus

● Represents matters pertaining to the commuter student community

● Promotes the student assembly mission by designing programming for commuter students

Kaci Godsey

Kaci Godsey

Residential Representative

Kaci Godsey is a first-year student serving as the residential representative for the Student Assembly. She dedicated to ensuring the residential students have a great experience here at the college and have something to remember about RBC.


● Provides the voice and perspective of the residential students

● Communicates residential student matters to the student assembly

● Promotes the student assembly mission by designing programming for residential students

Support Staff

Chief Advisor:Terelle Robinson

Advisor:Emma Rohde

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