Richard Bland College Foundation Board of Directors

The Richard Bland College Foundation is comprised of leaders from a variety of businesses industries and organizations from throughout the Commonwealth. Current members of the board include:



Chair- Mr. William H. Talley, IV

Vice Chair – Mrs. Ellen U. Ende

Secretary –

Treasurer –

Legal Counsel – Mrs. Jamie Watkins Bruno


Mr. Victor K. Branch

Mr. Jeffrey M. Britt

Mr. J. Peter Clements, Immediate Past Chair

Mr. Earnest H. Greene

Mr. Phillip B. Hager

Mr. Donald L. Haraway

Mr. Jonathan R. Malbon

Mrs. Ann C. Morriss

Mr. John L. Radcliffe

Debbie L. Sydow, Ph.D.

Mrs. Lea Tatum-Rowsey

Mr. Nicholas G. Walker

Mr. Daniel L. Westmoreland

Mr. Stephen Wilson