The “Download this ebook (offline)” link doesn’t show up. Can I still download it?

No. Due to licensing agreements, some EBSCO ebooks will not be available for download. If you don’t see the “Download this ebook (offline)” link, then you can’t download it.


Can I download the ebooks to my Kindle?

You can download the ebooks to a Kindle Fire, but not to a regular Kindle. The EBSCO ebooks use an Adobe DRM format that the regular Kindles cannot read.


How much time do I have left with my ebook?

You can download an ebook for 1-7 days. Login to your EBSCO account, and look in “my checkouts.” You will see the time remaining with your ebook.


The ebook is still on my device, but the checkout time has expired. How do I get rid of it in Adobe Digital Editions?

In Adobe Digital Editions, right-click on the cover and click “Remove from library.” Then go into the “My Digital Editions” folder under My Documents and delete the PDF.


Can I check in an ebook before the checkout period is over?

No. Because these ebooks can be transferred between devices, you have to just let the time expire.