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Dr. Daniel Zelinski

Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Dr. Daniel Zelinski

Contact Information:

Ernst Hall, Room 136 
(804) 862-6100, ext. 6494

Education & Publications:


 University of California, Irvine, 1988 (Mathematics)


 University of California, Irvine, 1991 (Philosophy)


 University of California, Irvine, 1997 (Philosophy)


 Publications (Selections):
- “Tom Petty Needed to Know”, Philosophy and Tom Petty, Open Court Press, 2019.
- “On Pike on ‘Union without Distinction’ in Christian Mysticism”, Philosophia, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp. 493-509, September 2011
- “Mysticism, Ethics, and Religious Traditions: an Introduction,” co-written with Christian Wildberg, Archiv für Religionsgeschichte, Band 9, December 2007.
- “From Prudence to Morality: A Case for the Morality of Some Forms of Nondualistic Mysticism,”
Journal of Religious Ethics, v. 35.2, 291-317, June 2007; reprinted in Archiv für Religionsgeschichte, Band 9, December 2007.
- “Dogen’s ‘Ceaseless Practice”, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, 7, 2000; reprinted in Action Dharma: New
Studies in Engaged Buddhism, 2003.
- “Fichte and Pure Conscious Events”, Kriterion, n. 10, 3-13, J 1997.
- “Zen and Tymieniecka's Three Movements of the Soul”, Analecta Husserliana, v. LII, 397-402, 1997.
- “Towards a Phenomenology of Mystical Being”, Analecta Husserliana, v. XLVII, 263-283, 1995.

Presentations (Selections):
-‘On Pike on “Union without Distinction” in Christian Mysticism’, Nelson Pike Memorial Conference, University of California, Irvine, December 2010
-‘Beyond the Big Bang: the Teleological Argument’, College Lecture, Richard Bland College, S 2007
-‘The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge’, College Lecture, Richard Bland College, S 2006
- ‘Zen & the Meaning of Life: Suzuki & Kurosawa’, College Lecture, Richard Bland College, S 2005
- ‘Confronting Absurdity: Camus vs. Tolstoy’, College Lecture, Richard Bland College, F 2004
- ‘Mosely on Thrasymachean Ethics’, Virginia Philosophical Association Conference, F 2004
- ‘From Prudence to Morality: The Case for the Morality of Some Forms of Nondualistic
Mysticism’, American Philosophical Association, Western Division Conference, S 2004
- ‘Morality and Nondualistic Mysticism: Comparing the views of Eckhart and Dogen’,
Mysticism and Ethics in the World Religions Conference sponsored by Princeton University’s Center for the Study of Religion, S 2003
- ‘Dissolving the Problem of Death: Zen Buddhism & Stoicism’, College Lectures,
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, S 2002
- ‘Dogen’s ‘Ceaseless Practice’’, Internet Colloquium on Buddhist Ethics sponsored by the
Journal of Buddhist Ethics, S 2000
- 'The Philosophical Foundations of Socially Engaged Buddhism', University Lecture,
Central Missouri State University, F 1999
- 'Morality & Mysticism', Colloquium at Kansas State University, F 1998
- 'Make Sense of Mystical Ineffability', Colloquia at Innsbruck & Salzburg Universities, S 1994
- 'Zen and Tymieniecka's Three Movements of the Soul', Conference of the World Phenomenological Institute, Boston, F 1993
- 'Mysticism and Nonviolence', University Lecture Series, UC Irvine, S 1992


Dr. Daniel Zelinski has been a Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Richard Bland College since 2012.

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