Student Clubs & Organizations

There are student clubs and organizations to fit every interest and personality. We encourage our students to engage in activities they enjoy whether it be film, art, science, or leadership.

Alpha Beta Sorority

Young ladies at RBC will have an opportunity to learn and grow as students and professionals while establishing life-long friendships through leadership.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Richard Bland College

Students will recruit and support their fellow RBC student volunteers as they volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Petersburg.

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Business and Economics Club

Students will be encouraged to further their intellect and understanding of business and economics as a possible career path.


Students will be taught the fundamentals and foundations of dance and other skills such as performance and modeling.

 FCA Huddle (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

FCA Huddle is open to all students on-campus and aims to bring fellowship and support to students of faith.




Future Educators

Participants of the Future Educators’ Club become familiar with careers in teaching on the secondary (K-12) and postsecondary (college) levels.  The club’s sponsor meets with members during the months of October and March to discuss resources available to assist with identifying the paths to academic programs that lead to teacher licensure and endorsement. The club sponsor announces meeting times and locations using electronic communications sent to students’ RBC email addresses.


Gamma Psi Fraternity

Gamma Psi will encourage the dissemination of ideas among young men of varying backgrounds and encourage the acquisition of organizational, business and leadership abilities by its members.

GLBTQ (Gay Straight Alliance)

Members of the GLBTQ Alliance cultivate a safe zone and assure a positive and equitable learning and social experience for individuals who are concerned about issues of sexual orientation and gender identities. They also promote diversity and celebrate the multi-dimensional experiences of gender identity-based cultures and advocate for an understanding of the GLBTQ community. The club sponsor and a student representative announce monthly meeting times and locations on flyers posted on campus and in electronic communications sent to students’ RBC email addresses.

History Club

The History Club provides a place where students can go to discuss historical events and understand their relevance to our world today.

Holdup (Hop-Hop Dance Team)

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to come together to dance and perform while instilling discipline and dedication.


Ignite (Campus Ministries)

This club includes a diverse, warm and welcoming group of students whose spiritual growth and development emerge out of their personal reflections and opportunities to think critically about sacred values and principles that are applied to real-life situations.  Members of Ignite empower sustainable attitudes and behaviors that are essential to RBC students’ academic and social experience. The club sponsor and a student representative announce monthly meeting times and locations on flyers posted on campus and in electronic communications sent to students’ RBC email addresses.



The Nerd Cave

This group allows for an easier transition to college life with a friendly environment for playing games and having fun.

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PEAC (People for an Environmentally Aware Campus)

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is a nationally recognized honor society for two year colleges. Students are invited to join the Alpha Omicron Chapter at Richard Bland College once they have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher. In order to remain an active member and receive distinction during graduation the student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. In addition to providing outstanding academic and career opportunities PTK participates in numerous community outreach and campus service projects. PTK member meetings are scheduled throughout each semester. If a student is interested in joining they should contact Dr. Jody Dodd, the PTK advisor, for more details and to confirm eligibility.



RBC Fashion Club

Members of the Fashion Club embrace the diverse beauty of fashion on-campus through planning activities such as fashion runway shows, style events, sketching, designing, merchandising and more.

RBC Film Club

Students discuss the importance of film making and are encouraged to make their own independent films.

RBC Players

RBC Players promotes the fine arts of drama, singing, dancing, technical work and set design. This is a structured program for students who are interested in theater and they can actively participate in production and other activities.


Science Club Kayak Group fall2013 (2)


Science Club


Spanish Club

The club promotes awareness of Spanish, Hispanic languages and culture and encourages student participation in cultural events, field trips, food making, parties and cultural craft making.

Step Team

Steppers work in unity with their creativity and talent to collaborate ideas and “step” in One Sound.




Student Assembly

Support Group for Pregnant Women and Parenting

This group provides emotional, social and academic support for RBC students who are pregnant and parenting.  Group members discover community resources which provide a variety of programs to support their overall well-being.  Members also become aware of the legal protections of Title IX, which supports their rights to remain in their academic programs. The club sponsor and a student representative announce monthly meeting times and locations on flyers posted on campus and in electronic communications sent to students’ RBC email addresses.