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Student Clubs & Organizations

When you come to Richard Bland College of William & Mary, you bring particular passions, hobbies, and skills with you. Student organizations are the place to meet with students with your interests.

Be part of a legacy

When you come to Richard Bland College of William & Mary, you bring particular passions, hobbies, and skills with you. Student organizations are the place for you meet other students with the same interests. When you join or start a student organization, you get the chance to do what you love. When you lead a student organization, you teach and share it with someone else. When prepare a club for future students, you leave a legacy that continues to contribute to the culture of Richard Bland College. Learn how to:
  • Start or sustain a student organization
  • Submit an annual budget
  • Plan your weekly meeting
  • Become a student organization sponsor

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RBC Historical Society

The RBC Historical Society exists to increase historical awareness, provide activities for students on the weekends such as field trips, and to create a sense of community aroudn the shared interest in history at Richard Bland College.

President: Max Roman-Fritts

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: David McCarthy

Treasurer: Jason Nesmith

RBC Music Club

The RBC Music Club unites students through making, learning about, and performing music. Students can join this group to be a part of the pep band, chorale, and other musical events and performance outlets throughout the year.

President: Gabby DeJesus

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Celia Brockway

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language Club exists to share a general knowledge and understanding of sign language with the campus community and to open doors for people who haven’t yet discovered their interest in sign language.

President: Antonio Jones

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Donald Payton

RBC Players

RBC Players is a group of students interested in performing and producing theater. The group has performed many shows through the years and currently is focused on one-act plays open to the campus community.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Professor Majewski

Green Cavalry Spirit Club

The Green Cavalry Spirit Club exists to promote student engagement on campus, uplift athletic organizations during games, and encourage school spirit at Richard Bland College.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Cherise Bailey

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association exists to enhance the living and learning environment in the residence halls, to create programs that contribute to student development, and to assist the Office of Residence Life in keeping all residential students informed and engaged.

President: Isaiah Lucas

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Bria Webb

Treasurer: Preston Fauver

Vice President: Ricky Feinstein

Business and Economics Club

The Business and Economics Club encourages career preparedness and business awareness among the student body at RBC through a series of annual workshops and events.

President: Elijah Olmert

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Professor Lehman

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a community of students who love watching, learning about, and talking about Anime. The club members also travel to an annual Anime conference and host various events throughout the year in addition to their regular meetings.

President: Star Hester

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Dan Zelinski

Film Club

The Film Club exists to promote a love of movies through the years by hosting a series of events and viewing parties open to the campus community. Ths RBC Film Club hosts the annual RBC Film Series, provides a forum for students to discuss films, and provides a forum for students to showcase their own films/video productions.

President: Izaak Spiers

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Dan Zelinski

Ignite Campus Ministries

Ignite Campus Ministries exists to lead students in a positive conduct, to reach out to the local community to instill a mindset of helping others, and to allow students an opportunity to be in a Christian Bible study/faith-based group as an on-campus option.

President: Brooke Mitchell

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Travis Luck


LGBT+ exists to create an inclusive campus community and offer a series of annual events for LGBT+ students and allies to support each other and enjoy each other’s friendship.

President: Omar Crockett

RBC Runners

RBC Runners exists to promote healthy living through exercise, make friends through fun activities, and to encourage relaxation and reduce stress through running. Open to all levels of ability!

President: Devon Andrews

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Landry Mullins

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) touches millions of lives. Since 1954, the organization has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. The local FCA efforts on the Richard Bland College campus are led by Michaele and Ralph Shriver. The local organization assists Statesmen student-athletes with special occasion and pre-game meals as well as providing monthly dinners that feature guest speakers for the group.

Staff Sponsor: Nick Surkamp

Art Learning Community

The Art Learning Community exists to inspire students and motivate them to produce and share their art as well as develop a community of artists and art appreciators on campus.

President: Kenya Ruffin

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Michelle Delano


The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Aimee Joyaux