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Exceptional Student Experience

ESE@RBC - An Innovative New Program Designed To Advance 100% Student Success!


The Exceptional Student Experience focuses Richard Bland College’s attention on providing a one size fits one solution to students. A learner’s journey begins as soon as the student shows interest in the College and continues through graduation at RBC.

ESE@RBC helps students jump-start their college journey with small, focused New Student Training, Advising & Registration Sessions (STARS).

The purpose of the STARS Program at RBC is to provide sessions that will assist new college students in becoming academically oriented while introducing students to resources and technology for advising, registration, and college support services.

The primary goals of New Student Advising & Registration Sessions (STARS)

  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and families to meet faculty, staff, and continuing students, as well as other new students
  • To facilitate initial academic advising, course selection, and registration
  • To provide the families of new students comprehensive information about the academic and student service resources and programs
  • To familiarize students with the primary campus technologies; Statesman Account Management, Canvas, and Statesman email.

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Learner Mentors

Each student is assigned a Learner Mentor at orientation. Their Learner Mentor acts as their advocate throughout their education at Richard Bland College.

Learner Mentors:

  • Assist the learner’s journey as a single point of contact
  • Guide students through academic advising and career coaching
  • Help students navigate the transfer process
  • Connect students to supplemental support for classwork or life-skill development

With technology and early alerts, Learner Mentors can:

  • Identify the best intervention in support of student success
  • Reach out to students within 24 hours of an academic or behavioral alert to schedule face-to-face meetings
  • Connect students with faculty
  • Schedule students for tutoring and encourage them to participate in campus events

RBC’s Learner Mentors are using the technology to grow the relationship, which strengthens the connection between the students and their experience at RBC, ensuring that their experience is indeed exceptional.