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Bookstore Voucher Process

Bookstore vouchers up to $800 per semester, based on student’s estimated credit balance are available. Vouchers will be issued seven days before the start of classes through the middle of the semester.

Request a Book Voucher

  • The requested amount (not to exceed $800) will be placed on your RBC Statesman 1Card if your account has no outstanding balance
  • Vouchers are for books and supplies in currently enrolled classes and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Before requesting a book voucher, you should get an estimate for total costs for books and supplies
  • No cash refunds will be issued
  • The book voucher can only be used during the current academic semester and up to the specified expiration date
  • Unused book voucher amounts will be automatically credited to a student’s account during the semester
  • If you have additional questions about this program, contact your Learner Mentor

Bookstore Voucher Process

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