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Richard Bland College Signs Honors Program MOU with Mary Washington

Richard Bland College of William & Mary and the University of Mary Washington have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that facilitates the transfer of Honors Program students between the two schools.

As per the agreement that begins this fall, UMW will admit RBC Honors Program students who have successfully completed RBC’s Honors Program into UMW’s Honors Program. UMW will give credit for Honors courses completed by RBC students prior to transfer, which will alleviate some UMW requirements. Typically, the UMW requirements take four years to complete, but RBC students who begin their Honors courses at RBC can complete the UMW program in two years.

“Richard Bland College is excited to offer this opportunity for RBC students to become University of Mary Washington Honors students immediately upon transfer,” said Provost Maria Dezenberg. “UMW builds on the leadership skills that RBC Honors students obtain, and the partnership offers great opportunities for research and mentoring.”

To be eligible for admission into UMW’s Honors Program as a Track B Honors Scholar, RBC students must:

  • Complete an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree at RBC
  • Successfully complete the RBC Honors Program Requirements and graduate with “RBC Honors Distinction” on the transcript
  • Present a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50 (4.0 scale) upon application to UMW and upon graduation from RBC
  • Be admitted to the UMW Honors Program. Admission to the Honors Program is space-limited (new honors students typically number 75-100 each fall semester and 10-20 each spring semester)
  • Submit a letter of intent form, to enter the UMW Honors Program, signed by the RBC Honors Program Coordinator. The letter should be submitted prior to or with the application for admission to UMW

“The UMW Honors Program looks forward to partnering with the RBC Honors Program to provide a pathway for promising, motivated students and high-achieving scholars to find an intellectual home that values diversity, immerses students in applied learning experiences, promotes service and community engagement and delivers all students with rich opportunities for developing their digital and technological skills,” said UMW Provost Nina Mikhalevsky.

Honors Program requirements can be found here.



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