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Richard Bland College

Statesmen Scholars

Statesman Scholar Jason Nesmith

Richmond native Jason Nesmith might be the busiest student on the Richard Bland College of William & Mary campus. He’s a member of the Honors Program, an RA in the dorms and a Student Ambassador. He’s an accomplished musician and a member of the Music Club. His schedule also includes being a member of the Historical Society and holding down a campus job as a student success coordinator. It’s a full day every day for the English major, but Nesmith wouldn’t have it any other way. “I am very precise with my time and how I manage it,” he says. “I schedule my calendar like a work day. Everything I do during the course of the day is scripted and scheduled.” Nesmith has benefitted from a well-rounded experience at RBC, but academics always come first. “The Honors Program has challenged and motivated me to be the best student I can be every single day. It has helped me reach my full potential and for that I am very grateful.”


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