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Tuition & Refund Policy

Please review the College Catalog for the current semester Tuition and Refund Policy specific dates. A copy of the current semester’s policy is printed and displayed throughout the Office of Student Accounts. This information is contained in the Academic Calendar available online and also mailed to all students along with his/her paper bill and included in any information packet distributed at registration, training, or orientation events.

If a student registers for a new class after the due date he/she is expected to pay their new class tuition and fee charges at the time of registration and if not paid within 24 hours a late fee is assessed. Students who request housing and/or meal plan assignments after the semester due date are expected to pay housing/meal costs at the time of assignment/assessment.

Tuition, mandatory fees, and all other related college fees paid by students are non-refundable after September 18, 2020, except at the discretion of the College. If the College modifies or disrupts programs and services due to circumstances beyond the College’s control, such as acts of God, war, government regulations, pandemics, disaster, or civil disorder – to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal, impossible, or unsafe to allow students to continue with programs or services at or in their initial form-  issuance of any refunds, credits or waivers may be subject to regulatory  or statutory review and will be administered at the College’s discretion.

Late fees & Collection Costs

Students and families are hereby placed upon notice that failure to pay in full at the time goods or services are rendered or when billed will result in the imposition of a late fee of 50 dollars. Returned checks will incur a handling fee of $50. If the account is referred for collection to an attorney or to a private collection agency, then the student will be liable for all attorney’s fees or additional collection costs. Request for or acceptance of goods or services will be deemed to be acceptance of these terms.

To prevent the possible assessment of late payment fees, students must pay all calculated charges on, or before, the semester due date or the date a charge is incurred (whichever occurs later). If tuition has not been paid by the established due date, secured with adequate financial aid, or an automatic payment plan is not in place, students will be charged a late payment fee of 50 dollars as prescribed in 2.2-4805 of the Code of Virginia. Failure to receive a bill does not waive the requirement for payment when due and will not prevent the application of the late fee.

Students who believe they have been erroneously charged a late fee must fill out a Student Request to Waive Late Fee form and submit it to the Cashier’s Office for processing. Late fees will not be waived for the following reasons: lack of funds, a tuition bill was not received, the Financial Aid process was not complete by the due date, balance changes, or delay of mail services. Results of a student’s late fee waiver request will be sent to their campus email within 5 business days.

Class Drops for Non-payment

Depending on the outstanding balance remaining after the due date, a student may be dropped from his/her courses for non-payment. Communications will be sent to students in advance of being dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that all permanent, local, and personal email addresses are current in our system. Richard Bland College’s main form of communication for currently enrolled students is through the RBC email address. Failure to review, open, or check the RBC email Inbox, Spam, or other folders will not prevent classes from being dropped for non-payment.

Military Account Information

Students who wish to use military benefits (Ch. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill or Ch. 31 Voc Rehab benefits) must provide a Certificate of Eligibility to the Office of Financial Aid prior to the first day of class. Students must also provide a copy of their course schedule to the Office of Financial Aid each semester.
Students who have been identified as active military/dependent through the Admissions attribute process, or students identified through the Financial Aid department as receiving GI/military benefits will be exempt from late fees and will not be assessed account holds which would prevent enrolling and access to school resources.  Additionally, those military students will not be penalized for any delayed VA payments made to Richard Bland College and will be exempt from class drops.
Students who are not 100% eligible for military benefits will not be assessed a late fee or an account hold, however they should pay any remaining balance due on their account prior to the end of each semester.

Refund Checks

Refund checks are generated when a student has a credit on his/her account for the semester. Credits may occur because of overpayments in grants, scholarships, loans, or personal payments made in cash, check, or credit cards. All refund checks will be made out in the student’s name, unless the overpayment is caused by a Parent Plus Loan. For overpayments in Parent Plus Loans, the refund check is processed in the parent’s name. The refund process may take up to 14 calendar days from the date of the overpayment. Refunds are processed in batches, according to the overpayment dates. Once a batch is complete, communications will be sent to students’ email address and Learner Mentors indicating the refund check is available for pick up from the Cashier’s Office with a valid ID. Parent Plus refund checks are mailed out to the address on file. Student refund checks are held in the Cashier’s Office for approximately two weeks before being mailed out to the address on file. It is the student’s responsibility to update address information. Inaccurate information may cause a delay in receiving the refund check.

Refunds for Course Drops/Withdrawals

Students who drop courses or withdrawal from college shall be entitled to a refund of a portion of tuition paid for the semester in which they are currently enrolled, as outlined below.

Refund Date of Course Drop/Withdrawal
100% Prior to August 29, 2020
75% August 29 – September 4, 2020
50% September 5 – September 18, 2020
0% After September 18, 2020

Refunds for Housing & Meal Drops

Housing and meal charges begin the first day of move in on August 20, 2020.  Students can cancel and receive a refund of all funds minus the daily proration up to the date they canceled their assignment and meal plan through August 28, 2020.  The college will follow the outline below.

Refund Date of Completed Exit Form
100% Prior to August 20, 2020
Daily Proration August 21 –  August 28, 2020
75% August 29 – September 4, 2020
50% September 5 – September 18, 2020
0% After September 18, 2020

Returning Unclaimed Title IV Refunds

If a school attempts to disburse the credit balance by check and the check is not cashed, the school must return the funds no later than 240 days after the date the school issued the check. If a check is returned to a school or an EFT is rejected, the school may make additional attempts to disburse the funds, provided that those attempts are made not later than 45 days after the funds were returned or rejected. When a check is returned or EFT is rejected and the school does not make another attempt to disburse the funds, the funds must be returned before the end of the initial 45-day period. The school must cease all attempts to disburse the funds and return them no later than 240 days after the date it issued the first check.

Office of Student Accounts

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