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Student Assembly Committees

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  • Appropriations and Finance Committee

    • The Committee for Appropriations and Finance oversees the monthly finance report and yearly budget and ensures full transparency and accessibility of these items to the public. The committee is responsible for approving a provisional budget and may be tasked with reviewing funding and budget requests as needed. They also oversee and assist in implementing all fundraising efforts.

      Chair: Mariya Georgieva 

      Vice-chair: Vu Thuy Linh Tran


      • Muhammad Ibrahim Bucha
      • Patrice Dewalt
      • Noah George
      • Peter Gerges

      Mentor(s): TBD

  • Civic Engagement Committee

    • The Committee for Civic Engagement encourages students to be present and active in their community through service-learning and increasing their awareness of local issues. The committee hopes to increase voter turnout and invoke meaningful conversations on campus.

      Chair: Donald Edgerton

      Vice-chair: TBD


      • Alexis Belemu
      • Jamie Fields
      • Peter Gerges
      • Emily Helton
      • Noah Muskett

      Mentor(s): Adam Zucconi, Lashrecse Aird

  • College Policy and Student Rights Committee

    • The Committee for College Policy and Student Rights works to develop strategic programming to engage the Richard Bland community in matters pertaining to students’ rights. They advocate for policies that have Richard Bland students’ best interests in mind.

      Chair: Jordan Parker 

      Vice-chair: TBD


      • Makaylah Allen
      • Lauren Dollins
      • Sierra Johnson
      • Amaia Moxon
      • Daniel Muniz
      • Amal Yagoub

      Mentor(s): Chief Jeffrey Brown

  • Health and Wellness Committee

    • The Committee for Health and Wellness is responsible for promoting healthy practices in the Richard Bland student community—from encouraging students to live an active lifestyle, developing programs to address mental health struggles, and partnering with the catering staff to address dietary and nutritional needs of students.

      Chair: Kaylin Bloom

      Vice-chair: TBD


      • Alexander Maury
      • Jaeyoo Park
      • Cassidy Richardson
      • Gabrielle Shrum

      Mentor(s): Dr. Evanda Watts-Martinez

  • Research and Development Committee

    • The Committee for Research and Development is charged with conceptualizing and streamlining surveys as well as compiling data. Additionally, they are tasked with assisting other committees with research needs and overseeing polling and statistical analysis, as well as developing and implementing a sustainable model for student organizations.

      Chair: Mahmoud Elhag

      Vice-chair: Kathryn Davis


      • Teresita Allison
      • Quimia Blackwell
      • Erin Brookes
      • Enoch Bullock
      • Anthony Johnson

      Mentor(s): Dr. Tyler Hart

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