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When you come to Richard Bland College of William & Mary, you bring particular passions, hobbies, and skills with you. Student organizations are the place to meet with students with your interests.

Be part of a legacy

When you come to Richard Bland College of William & Mary, you bring particular passions, hobbies, and skills with you. Student organizations are the place for you meet other students with the same interests. When you join or start a student organization, you get the chance to do what you love. When you lead a student organization, you teach and share it with someone else. When prepare a club for future students, you leave a legacy that continues to contribute to the culture of Richard Bland College. Learn how to:
  • Start or sustain a student organization
  • Submit an annual budget
  • Plan your weekly meeting
  • Become a student organization sponsor

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Ultimate Frisbee Club

Goals are to get students active school wide participation, develop leadership skills, and help students learn to work together in team building.

President: Alden Di Dio

Treasurer: Jeremiah Foltz

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Scott Newton

Royalty in the Making

Goal is to help form a sisterhood through community service, both in the community and on campus. Club promotes  leadership, group exercise, fundraising and bonding with other females.

President: Tiehre Thomas

Treasurer: Chrishana Chambers

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Kristina Lee

Business & Economics

The Business and Economics Club encourages career preparedness and business awareness among the student body at RBC through a series of annual workshops and events.

President: David Roan

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Michael Lehman

Ignite Campus Ministries

Ignite Campus Ministries exists to lead students in a positive conduct, to reach out to the local community to instill a mindset of helping others, and to allow students an opportunity to be in a Christian Bible study/faith-based group as an on-campus option.

President: Samantha Green

Treasurer: Tiffany Davidson

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Shawn Holt

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dannie Hudson

RBC Debate Team

Goal is to promote leadership in a healthy debate.

President: Jeremiah Foltz

Treasurer: Alexis Pedrick

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Daniel Franke


Goals are to learn more about psychology, potential internships, or job-shadowing opportunities. We would also discuss transfer options and/or graduate programs.

President: Chyna Wooden

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Tiffany Birdsong

Selfless Strength

Our goal is to promote health, nutritional benefits. Personal & Group training/workouts, raise awareness of health problems and poor eating habits. Motivational talks.

President: Zaire Trent

Treasurer: Mikayla Parsons

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Bria Webb

Dungeons & Dragons

Our goal is to introduce new players to the game and allow a place for others to join or host a game.

President: Cole Sandelin

Treasurer: Noah George

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Vanessa Stout

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language Club exists to share a general knowledge and understanding of sign language with the campus community and to open doors for people who haven’t yet discovered their interest in sign language.

President: Olivia Hoppe

Treasurer: Ashlley Kirk

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Donald Payton

International Club

The primary goals of the International Club are cross-cultural exchange and learning about our global community.

President: Simon Kotto

Treasurer: Sam Shen

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Susan Moss

Women’s Empowerment Society (D.I.V.A.S.)

Our goal is to establish a strong community of young women on campus by helping to build character, improve self-awareness and gain confidence within one’s self.

President: Ceasiah Holmes

Treasurer: Alexis Cannon

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Danielle Williams

The Musical Statesmen

The primary goals of this organization are to spread music throughout the RBC community and to improve student engagement.

President: Solomon Asare

Treasurer: Mullaney Lee

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Celia Brockway

Wholesome Men of Service

Our goal is to promote awareness and respect in young men. We also want to teach them by example how to conduct themselves as men with responsibilities.

President: Markel Beale

Treasurer: Zaire Trent

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Steven Christian

Anime Club

The Anime Club is a community of students who love watching, learning about, and talking about Anime. The club members also travel to an annual Anime conference and host various events throughout the year in addition to their regular meetings.

President: Brittney Galderise

Treasurer: Mali Steward

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Vanessa Stout

A Novel Idea Book Club

“A Novel Idea” exists to build life-long readership within our RBC community (faculty, staff, students) and establish engagement and communication between faculty, staff, and students.

President: Mikayela Talley

Treasurer: Olivia Hoppe

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Susan Moss

Film Club

The Film Club exists to promote a love of movies through the years by hosting a series of events and viewing parties open to the campus community. The RBC Film Club hosts the annual RBC Film Series, provides a forum for students to discuss films, and provides a forum for students to showcase their own films/video productions.

President: Chase Masters

Treasurer: Peter Johnson

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Dan Zelinski

RBC Striders Running, Walking & Fitness Club

RBC Striders Running, Walking & Fitness Club exists to promote healthy living through exercise, make friends through fun activities, and to encourage relaxation and reduce stress through running. Open to all levels of ability!

President: Alyssa McCulley

Treasurer: Amanda Lipford

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Dan Zelinski


The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. More information is found on the Honors Program page.

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Celia Brockway

Statesman Publications

Goals are to provide a safe, inviting, nourishing creative space for students to anthologize their work.

President: Grace Gouyer

Treasurer: Jeremiah Foltz

Faculty/Staff Sponsor: Sue Moss