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Financial Aid

Am I Eligible for Financial Aid? Any student applying to or currently enrolled at Richard Bland College is encouraged to apply for financial aid. General eligibility requirements are listed below….

Records & Registration Forms

Cancellation of Registration (before classes begin) Class Drop Form: Students should contact their Learner Mentor to initiate the process for class drops. Course Repeat Application: Students should contact their Learner…

Change of Address

Change of Address Complete the Change of Address/Student Information Update Form    …

Course Repeat

Course Repeat To receive credit for a third attempt for a course, students must complete the Course Repeat Form and obtain approval from the Director of Academics….

Course Audit

Course Audit To audit a class for no credit, students must contact a Learner Mentor to initiate this request. Call 804-862-6100 to be connected….

Class Changes

Class Changes Students may adjust their schedules via self-service web through the registration period that ends on August 26. If necessary, contact your advisor for assistance with class changes….

Save articles online

Instead of printing out each article as you do your research, you could save them online and access them anywhere! There are several ways to do this. Save Articles to…

How to Accept Your Financial Aid

Note: Federal Pell Grants are automatically accepted. Access your myRBC by selecting “Banner” from the “myRBC” menu on the homepage. Enter Student ID – your R number – as your…

Payment Option Information

Richard Bland College of William & Mary offers several options for students and families to pay for their educational expenses. All payments are received and managed by the Cashier’s Office….


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It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia that personal information about citizens will be collected only to the extent necessary to provide the service or benefit desired; that…

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The RBC Library has over 70,000 ebooks in our collection! The vast majority (over 60,000) are available through the EBSCO eBook Collection, which covers all subject areas. We also have…



WorkIT@RBC Developing a High-Impact Internship Program for Richard Bland College and its Community WorkIT@RBC is an innovative program designed to prepare RBC students for the workforce by connecting them with…