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Dr. Daniel Franke

Associate Professor of History
Dr. Daniel Franke

Contact Information:

Ernst Hall 131 
(804) 862-6100 x8580 

Education & Publications:


 Rice University, 2005


 University of Rochester, 2008


 University of Rochester, 2014


 Edited volumes:

Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society: Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper>. Edited by Daniel P. Franke and Craig M. Nakashian. Leiden, Brill: 2017.


“From Defeat to Victory in Northern Italy: Comparing Staufen Strategy and Operations at Legnano and Cortenuova, 1176-1237.” In vol 5.2 (2021). Pp. 27-52.

“Strategy, the Norman Conquest of Southern Italy, and the First Crusade.” . Edited by Georgios Theotokis. Woodbridge: Boydell, 2020. Pp. 211-224.

“Prowess and Privilege: Robert Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, and the Reality of Chivalry in 14th-Century England.” In . Edited by Daniel P. Franke and Craig M. Nakashian. Leiden: Brill, 2017. Pp. 62-84.

“Crusade, Empire, and the Process of War in Staufen Germany, 1180-1220.” In , edited by Adrian Boas. London: Routledge, 2015. Pp. 128-143.

“The Capture of Tifford.” In . Edited by Michael Livingston and Kelly DeVries. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015. Pp. 106-107.

“The Crusades and Medieval Anti-Judaism: Cause or Consequence?” In . Edited by Alfred Andrea and Andrew Holt. Cambridge: Hackett Publishing, 2015. Pp. 48-69.

“War, Crisis, and East Anglia, 1334-1340: Towards a Reassessment.” In . Edited by Donald Kagay and L. J. Andrew Villalon. Leiden: Brill, 2013. Pp. 187-215.


Dr. Daniel Franke teaches the Western Civilization and World History sequences, as well as specialized courses in medieval and modern European and World History such as History 240 Nazi Germany and History 242 The Crusades. He also advises the RBC History Club and directs RBC history program activities on campus.

Currently he is writing two monographs on medieval military history: a military biography of the German emperor Frederick Barbarossa, and a study of military intelligence in medieval warfare.

He is an active member of the Society for Military History; De Re Militari, the Society for Medieval Military History; and the American Historical Association, where he chairs the Henry Baxter Adams Prize Committee.

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