Emergency Response

The College has developed an Emergency Operations Plan that includes information regarding the procedures to be followed in the event of a significant emergency. College departments are responsible for developing contingency plans and continuity plans for their staff and areas of responsibility.


The college conducts periodic tests of the RBC Alert System, Tornado Siren, and Active Shooter Alarm. The Tornado Siren and Active Shooter Alarm are located on the roof of McNeer Hall and can be heard on the college grounds and in most buildings. These tests are designed to assess and evaluate the emergency plans and capabilities of Richard Bland College.


Campus officers have received training in Incident Command and responding to critical incidents on campus. When a serious incident occurs that causes an immediate threat to the campus, the first responders to the scene are usually the campus officers and local fire and EMS agencies. They typically respond, assess the situation and work together to manage the incident. Depending on the nature of the incident, other RBC departments, state, and local agencies could also be engaged.