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Title IX Coordinators

Richard Bland College of William & Mary has designated a Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator who oversee the College’s compliance with Title IX. Richard Bland’s designated Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator oversee Richard Bland’s compliance with Title IX, including coordinating the investigation of and response to sex discrimination complaints, harassment, responding to inquiries concerning Title IX, tracking incidents and trends involving sexual misconduct, coordinating equity in athletics compliance, publicizing Richard Bland’s policies and providing training on preventing sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.

If you have a complaint involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, or if you have questions about Richard Bland’s policies or procedures in these areas, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator listed below.

Please Note:  The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator are not a confidential source of support. While they will address your complaint with sensitivity and will keep your information as private as possible, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. For confidential resources, please contact a confidential counselor from our list of on campus and off campus resources.

  • Title IX Coordinator

    • The Title IX Coordinator oversees the College’s response to reports involving sexual misconduct, sex discrimination and harassment, including the investigation and resolution of complaints and the provision of resources and protective measures. The Title IX Coordinator monitors complaints for patterns and systemic problems, disseminates data periodically to the community, and coordinates campus climate surveys on sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator develops and implements policies, procedures, practices, and resources that further compliance with Title IX and related laws. The Title IX Coordinator oversees development and delivery of prevention and awareness programs related to sexual misconduct and sex discrimination and ensures that all members of the school community are aware of the College’s policies and resources. The Title IX Coordinator leads the efforts of the Title IX Team.

      Stacey Sokol
      Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives
      Maze Hall, President’s Office
      11301 Johnson Road, South Prince George, VA 23805
      (804) 862-6100, ext. 8603
      Title IX Email:
      Title IX Phone Line: (804) 712-7141

  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator

    • The Deputy Title IX Coordinator assists with coordination of response, investigation and resolution of all sexual misconduct (i.e., sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence) involving students, staff and faculty. Investigates and resolves complaints of sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation. Assists with oversight of training, prevention, and education efforts on campus.

      Candi Pearson
      Accounts Payable Manager
      Maze Hall, Room 204
      11301 Johnson Road, South Prince George, VA 23805
      (804) 862-6458
      Title IX Email:
      Title IX Phone Line: (804) 712-7141

Title IX

(804) 862-6111

Title IX Coordinator
Stacey Sokol
Maze Hall, Room 110
(804) 862-6100, ext. 8603 (office)
(804) 712-7141 (mobile)

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Candi Pearson
Maze Hall, Room 204
(804) 862-6100, ext. 6458 (office)

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