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RBC Wireless

  • What is RBCPublic?
    RBCPublic is the campus wireless.


  • How can I make sure my laptop is compliant?
    Be sure to install all current operating system critical updates prior to utilizing RBC wireless resources. Also, a current anti-virus application is required.


  • Where is RBCPublic campus wireless available?
    The RBCPublic campus wireless is now available throughout the campus. (Note: Students living in the residence halls have wireless access through their own MyResNet, it is separate from wireless provided on campus.)


  • How do I connect to RBCPublic campus wireless?
    Connect to RBCPublic by following the manufacturer instructions for your laptop or wireless device for connecting to a wireless network.


  • If I am not an RBC student or employee, can I still use RBCPublic campus wireless?


Use of RBC campus wireless resources requires compliance with all applicable campus policies for acceptable use.


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