RBC Alert

Welcome to RBC Alert web page! RBC Alert is Richard Bland College’s emergency notification system. The notification system is a means of communication to notify students, faculty, and staff with important information and/or updates about an incident occurring on campus. Important information sent through the notification system can be received via landline phones, cell phones, e-mail, and/or SMS text messaging. This web page also serves as an entry point to a web portal that will allow you to add and/or update your contact information, click on Opt-In Here!.


You will know you have received an alert from the RBC Alert system when:


  • You receive a phone call; your caller ID will display 804-863-4092.
  • You receive an e-mail message; the “sent from” address will be RBCAlert@rbc.edu
  • You receive a text message; the “sent from” address will be SMS@ blackboard.


The left column of this page allows you to click on links associated with RBC Alert.   One link of interest would be the frequently asked questions section, FAQ, which should answer most of your questions.  If any other questions arise, please contact the College Police Department, 804-863-4085.


Richard Bland College looks forward to making our campus community more aware and safe with the utilization of RBC Alert!