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RBC Wireless

  • What is RBC-Air?
    RBC-Air is the campus wireless.
    There are two types of access for RBC-Air:

    1. Register as a Guest
         a. The user registers using their name and email
         b. Access is limited to unencrypted web traffic only
         c. Provides 24 hours of access
    2. Network Login
         a. Authenticate with RBC network credentials
         b. Access to web traffic and email synch
         c. Provides 30 days of access


  • Is agent installation required?
    No, not at this time.


  • How can I make sure my laptop is compliant?
    Be sure to install all current operating system critical updates prior to utilizing RBC wireless resources. Also, a current anti-virus application is required.


  • Where is RBC-Air campus wireless available?
    The RBC-Air campus wireless is now available throughout the campus. (Note: Students living in the residence halls have wireless access through their own ResNet, it is separate from wireless provided on campus.)


  • How do I connect to the wireless?

    • Connect to RBC-Air by following the manufacturer instructions for your laptop or wireless device for connecting to a wireless network.
    • Once connected, open your internet browser and the Registration Center will appear.
    • Two ways to authenticate:
      • Register as a Guest – provides 24 Hours of access
      • Network Login – provides 30 Days of access

          How to authenticate on RBC-Air:

      • You will see a welcome to the network screen, click on the link
      • You will then enter the Registration Center
      • You now have the choice to login:
        • Register as a Guest – using your name and email address
        • Network Login – authenticate with RBC email username (without the @rbc.edu) and password
      • Click Login
      • Once you have done this you will need to scroll down to read the acceptable use policy
      • Once you accept the acceptable use policy by clicking on the check mark or by placing a checkmark in the box
      • Click on the complete registration button
      • You are now connected to RBC-Air


  • If I am not an RBC student or employee, can I still use RBC-Air campus wireless?
    Yes, you may log in as a guest.


Use of RBC campus wireless resources requires compliance with all applicable campus policies for acceptable use.


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