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Number of Honor Students Up At Richard Bland College of William & Mary

Richard Bland College of William & Mary is pleased to announce an increase in students achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 and above. The College saw a 13% rise in students achieving a 3.25 GPA for the 2018 spring semester as compared to the previous year.

The continued growth in academic success of RBC students is attributed to the College’s commitment to advancing student success with its Exceptional Student Experience (ESE@RBC) program. “ESE@RBC provides wrap-around support, keeping students on track to graduate in two years and transfer to top colleges like William & Mary,” said President Debbie L. Sydow.

Seventy-three students at RBC earned a grade point average of 3.8 or above to merit placement on the President’s List. An additional 128 students rated Dean’s List status with a grade point average of 3.25 to 3.79 while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours as full-time students.

President’s List – 3.8 & above:

Garrison Adams (Chester), Ryan Albright (Disputanta), Nikola Aleksic (Belgrade SERBIA), Calvin Anderson (Prince George), Thomas Balch (Colonial Heights), Nia Bowman-Thomas (Prince George), Michelle Britt (Prince George), Madison Broga (Colonial Heights), Natori Brooks (Prince George), Jade Browder (Colonial Heights), Makenzie Burr (Dinwiddie), Jazzmine Bynum (Windsor), Terrance Carter (Chester), Cassidy Childress (Prince George), Makenzie Cloninger (Colonial Heights), Shawn Collins (Carson), Quincy Davenport (Chesterfield), Miodrag Dronjak (Virginia Beach), Rachel Freeman (Dinwiddie), Ashley Fritz (Chesterfield), Aislinn Gadsby (Boykins), Brooke Gilbert (Chester), Abby Gill (Disputanta), Jonathan Giraud (Prince George), Haley Goniwicha (Chester), Alyssa Green (Dinwiddie), Samantha Green (Waverly), Korissa Guastella (Church Road / Dinwiddie), Shania Gupton (Dinwiddie), Alecia Hewett (Chester), Morgan Hood (Dinwiddie), Ervin Ikanovic (Saint Petersburg), Chenora Jones (Hopewell), Robert Jones (Petersburg), Ashley Kirk (Dinwiddie), Alexis Korkos (Prince George), Simon Kotto (Richmond / Armstrong), Alexis Lasher (Dinwiddie), Mingcheng Liu (Wuhan City, CHINA), Alexis Lyons (Prince George), Jordan Mansini (Chesterfield), Jamie Mcavoy (Newberry, Scotland), Tanya McCamish (Hopewell), Ina Mistry (Colonial Heights), Victoria Mitchell (Colonial Heights), Victor Mora-Placencio (Prince George), David Negrin Ruiz (Canarias, SPAIN), Rebekah Nelson (Chesterfield), Katelyn Nester (Colonial Heights), Caroline Nicholson (Capron), Esther Park (Duluth, GA), Alexis Pedrick (Chesterfield), Kayliah Reed (Chester), William Seidel (Prince George), Sucheng Shen (DongGuan, China), Mary Simms (Unionville), Taylor Spruell (Hopewell), Chloe Stanfield (Dinwiddie), Dusan Stankovic (Belgrade, Serbia), Madison Stith (Chester), Amber Taylor (Chesterfield), Jordan Taylor (Dinwiddie), Madison Tuck (Chester), Lauren Vaughan (Prince George), Halee Wadsworth (Prince George), Blake Welch (Dinwiddie), Grace Whelan (Prince George), Cassidy Wilkinson (Prince George), Alexis Williams (Dinwiddie), Dalton Williams (Prince George), Chandler Woodfin (Prince George), Alex Woods (Prince George), Kayla Zanders (Virginia Beach)

Dean’s List – 3.25 to 3.79:

Ama Amaniampong-Adusei (Woodbridge), Sydney Anderson (Prince George), Alexis Ange (Chester), Sheyenne Anselmi (Colonial Heights), Wyatt Bair (Chesterfield), Rebecca Barklow (Dinwiddie), Oshyn Barnes (Hampton), Lauryn Basl (Chesterfield), Hannah Beckner (Dinwiddie), Brice Bell (Dinwiddie), Eric Billeter (Chester), Kayla Bilyard (Dinwiddie), Taylor Bilyard (Fredericksburg), Ann Bishop (Dinwiddie), Zakiyyah Bland (Prince George), Isabella Blanton (Chesterfield), Austin Booth (Chester), Blake Bowen (Chesterfield), Emily Bowie (Prince George), Emilee Bowles (Prince George), Quashawn Brooks (Chester), Megan Burt (Chesterfield), Gabriel Butts (Dinwiddie), Alexis Camp (Colonial Heights), Allysa Capps (Dinwiddie), Kaylah Carter (Prince George), David Casey (Prince George), Roy Chini (Colonial Heights), Jezreel Chitty (Stafford), Katsuki Clevenger (Wallingford, PA), Paige Condrey (Montpelier), Kayla-Mae Conley (Hopewell), Tiana Crawford (Prince George), Mallory Cunningham (Fredericksburg), Heather Danet (Colonial Heights), Brendan Delaney (Loudoun), Krista Diggs (Hopewell), Matthew Dirr (Chester), Gabriella Dunlevy (Chesterfield), Tyler Dunn (Prince George), Briana Erb (Dinwiddie), Jessica Evans (Chesterfield), David Ezell (Chesterfield), Zaria Faison (Chesterfield), Ryan Ferebee (Chester), Megan Fisher (Hanover), Autumn Francis (Hopewell), Darrius Giles (Petersburg), Stanley Glover (Richmond), Jewel Goode (Henrico), Robert Goulder (Chesterfield), Aiyshanti Green (Chesterfield), Kayla Hand (Chesapeake), Katherine Haney (Burkeville), Hunter Hankins (Prince George), Samantha Hankins (Dinwiddie), Eric Hardatt (Prince George), Jalen Harris (Henrico), Daniel Hayes (Cook County, IL), Elijah Haynes (Chesterfield), Ricky Hicks (New York), Jordan Hines (Dinwiddie), Zachary Hoffman (Dinwiddie), Kayla Houston (Chester), Cassandra Jencik (Chesterfield), Carolyn Johnson (Colonial Heights), Peter Johnson (Glen Allen ), Virginia Johnson (Chesterfield), Veronica Jones (Petersburg), Rebecca Karp (Dinwiddie), Kamryn Lanier (Chester), Nena Laplante (McKenney), Taylor Laxton (Wakefield), LaTasia Lewis (Chesterfield), Vanessa Lopez (Colonial Heights), Jaiona Martin (Richmond), Nellie Martin (Prince George), Tomas Martins Da Fonseca (Torres Vedras, Lisbon), Jennifer McCann (Prince George), Lemuel McDaniel (Chesterfield), Brian McRae (Richmond), Isis Miller (Blackstone), Brooke Mitchell (Petersburg), Genevra Mullis (Chesterfield), Avery Munden (Chesterfield), Andrew Neville (Dendron), Jala Newchurch (Lawrenceville), Thi Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Rebecca Nossett (Fort Lee), Lauren Ogunyemi (Prince George), Alyssa Parrish (Colonial Heights), Megan Parrish (Chesterfield), Nicholas Passopulo (Prince George), Amanda Perkinson (McKenney), Ivy Pfaller (Colonial Heights), James Pond (Chesterfield), Ashleigh Popp (Colonial Heights), Krystin Potter (Dinwiddie), Jamaree Powell (Chester), Xzavier Pullin (Chesterfield), Camryn Quigley (Chesterfield) Morgan Redden (Chesterfield), Leke Robinson (Essex County), Jasmine Rodriguez (Prince George), Maya Smalls (Chester), Ciara Smiley (Chesterfield), Harper Smith (Chesterfield), Jessica Smith (Petersburg), Emily Snead (Prince George), Jordan Solomon (Chester), Maili Steward (Prince George), Allison Strawser (Prince George), Ti Su (Taichung City, Taiwan), Lindsey Sylvester (Hopewell), Yusta Temu (Colonial Heights), Destinee Terrell (Culpeper), Alexis Terretta (Hopewell), Angel Torres Ortiz (Chesterfield), Luis Torres Serrano (Pawleys Island, SC), Vu Thuy Tran (Nam Dinh, Vietnam), Cullen True (Chesterfield), Agustin Vassallo (Neuquen, Argentina), Megan Vincent (Boykins), Savannah Walker (Chester), Emyle Warro (Colonial Heights), Shanya Williams (Dinwiddie), Tianyi Zhang (GuangDong, China), Rebecca Ziegenfuss (Prince George).




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