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II. Statement of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty are responsible for all aspects relating to the educational programs of the College, making recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer. Duties of the faculty include, but are not limited to making recommendations to College administration concerning:

  1. Reviewing and revising the mission, goals, and policies of the College;
  2. Developing and maintaining an educational program of high quality;
  3. Delivering educational content to achieve established student learning Faculty are expected to regularly assess student-learning outcomes against established departmental goals, and to adjust curricular content and instructional methodologies to ensure focused and success-oriented results, while maintaining academic rigor;
  4. Recommending and maintaining admission standards;
  5. Recommending and maintaining curricula;
  6. Awarding grades for students in their classes;
  7. Recommending policy, including standards, requirements, and procedures for awarding degrees and certifications granted by the College;
  8. Certifying all degree candidates to the Registrar;
  9. Recommending to the administration procedures for maintaining and improving faculty competence through programs of academic and sabbatical leave, in- service instruction, and attendance at professional meetings;
  10. Recommending professional standards and criteria in such areas as faculty retention, promotion, and tenure;
  11. Recommending and maintaining policies, including determining prerequisites for courses and degrees, policies governing transfer credit, academic probation, admissions, and withdrawals, and
  12. Participating in shared governance.

Cross-institutional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Budgeting;
  2. Academic advising;
  3. Promoting institutional effectiveness;
  4. Providing input, where appropriate, to building and grounds;
  5. Assisting with student recruitment;
  6. Representing the faculty to the Board of Visitors, and
  7. Reporting to agencies such as SACS and SCHEV.

Faculty Handbook

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