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XIV. Consensual Amorous Relationships

The appearance of a compromising conflict of interest or of coercion, favoritism or bias in educational or academic evaluation is prejudicial to the interests and integrity of Richard Bland College, its members, and the public it serves. Thus amorous relationships between faculty members and students are strictly prohibited. For purposes of this policy, “faculty” shall include all full-time or part-time College personnel who teach, and also administrators with faculty status.

Members of the College community who believe themselves to be affected adversely by this policy may initiate a complaint with the appropriate department chair. A complaint alleging that a department chair or an administrator has violated this policy may be filed with the Chief Academic Officer or other appropriate College officer. Complaints should be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the time at which the complainant becomes aware of an alleged violation, but not more than one year after that violation.

Faculty Handbook

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