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Appendix II: Charges

Description of Charges

1.Replacement of lost or unreturned keys (room and mailbox)$75.00 per key
2. Trash Removal $ 15.00 per bag
3. Lock-out service (after 3rd request)$ 15.00
4. (A) Room not clean (B) Room not clean at closing (A) $ 25.00 (B) $ 110.00
5.Unauthorized use of Emergency Exit Door$ 50.00
6. Not attending mandatory hall meeting$ 25.00
7.Removal of College-owned furniture$ 40.00 per piece
8.False fire alarm$ 25.00
9. (A) Unauthorized move (B) Unauthorized Live-in (A) $100.00 (B) Up to $9,600 (depending current room rates)
10. Covering smoke detector$ 50.00

Description of Damage Charges

10.Major patch/wall repair $ 275.00
11. (A) Replace interior door (B) Replace door hardware (C) Damage to electronic door strike (D) Replace apartment door (E) Replace apartment door frame(A) $ 175.00 (B) $ 345.00 (C) $ 450.00 (D) $ 325.00 (E) $ 2,200.00
12. Repainting entire apartment (not including bathroom)$ 1,500.00
13. Repainting one wall$ 175.00
14. Damages to bathroom (due to excessive dirt/scum/mildew)$ 55.00
15. Damage to clean walls (due to marks, stickers, tape, etc.) $ 25.00 per wall (minimum cost)

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