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IV. Student Financial Services

Financial Aid

The College offers financial assistance including Federal, State, Institutional, and Private scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment (College Work-Study Program). Inquiries concerning financial assistance and the College Work-Study Program should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at (804) 862-6260 or (804) 863-4035.

Refunds to Students

A full- or part-time student who withdraws in good standing shall be entitled to a refund of a portion of tuition paid for the semester in which currently enrolled. It takes between six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the date of withdrawal or drop for refunds to be processed. When refunds are ready, notifications are sent to the Learner Mentors who notify students to report to the business office to receive their checks. A student will be entitled to a refund in the following increments for regular start Fall and Spring semester classes:

  1. 100% of tuition minus a $50 processing fee upon withdrawal before the end of the first week of the semester (seven consecutive calendar days from the beginning of classes);
  2. 75% of tuition upon withdrawal after the 7th and through the 14th consecutive calendar day from the beginning of classes;
  3. 50% of tuition upon withdrawal after the 14th and through the 26th consecutive calendar day from the beginning of classes.
  4. No refund of tuition after the 26th consecutive calendar day from the beginning of classes.

Navitas International Students are not issued refunds as it could impact their visa status. Any questions from the Navitas students on this issue should be directed to their Navitas representative.

All summer schedule, intercession, late start, and any other special classes will have abbreviated refund deadlines which can be viewed on the Director of Records and Registration’s website.

Additional Financial Information

  1. Students who register and withdraw from the College prior to the beginning of classes will receive a full refund minus a $50 withdrawal processing fee.
  2. No refund of any tuition and fees will be made to a student who has been required to withdraw by the College regardless of the date of withdrawal.
  3. Students changing from 12 or more hours to fewer than 12 hours change status from full time to part time. When this occurs within the prescribed period allowed for course changes, charges are established at the semester credit hour rate for the course or courses retained. The resulting overpayment of tuition will be refunded. No refund of tuition will be made for a change of status from full time to part time occurring after the deadline for course changes, which is published in the academic calendar. http://www.rbc.edu/calendar/academic-calendar/
  4. Part-time students who withdraw or who drop one or more courses will be entitled to refunds according to the guidelines above.
  5. The actual date of proper notice will be certified by the Office of the Director of Records and Registration, and refunds, when applicable, will be computed based on the certified date. Refunds are not based on the last day of class attendance.
  6. Pro-rata refunds to first time students attending Richard Bland College who receive Title IV financial aid will be based on Title IV requirements.
  7. Withdrawal for medical or legal reasons will follow the same refund schedule as published above.
  8. Housing and Board (meal) charges will be refunded according to the “Withdrawal/Cancelation” section of the Housing and Food Service Agreement.

Tuition Late Fee: If tuition has not been paid by the due date indicated in the academic calendar or a payment plan has not been set up online, students will be dropped from their registered courses. A student may reinstate their dropped classes and pay after the due date, at which time a 10% late fee will be assessed. If a student registers for a new class after August 4th, but prior to the add/drop period, the new class tuition must be paid within 24 hours to avoid the 10% late fee.

Student Employment Opportunities

Student employment opportunities are available through the Federal Work-Study Program and the Campus Regular Student Employment Program. These programs provide eligible students an opportunity to earn money to help offset their educational-related expenses as well as to gain work experience. Jobs are available in various offices on campus, and students are generally assigned between ten to twenty hours per week. At least part-time enrollment is required.

Unpaid Accounts

Transcripts, degrees, or any other information concerning academic records will not be released until College accounts are paid in full. A student’s account is considered delinquent when the payment has not been received by the payment due date.  Once an account is considered delinquent with the College, we are required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to send the account to either a private collection agency or the Office of the Attorney General, depending on the dollar amount past due.

The following actions may be taken on unpaid accounts:

  • Financial Hold: You will have a financial hold placed on your account and you will not be able to register for future classes, obtain transcripts, access your Banner account, etc.
  • Collection Agency: Your account will be placed with a collection agency, and you will be responsible for any collection costs incurred.
  • Credit Reporting: Your account will be listed by the Credit Bureau as a bad debt.
  • Debt Set Off: If you are a Virginia Resident, your delinquent account can be collected in full from income tax refunds or other refunds due you from the state.
  • Attorney General: Your account may be turned over to the Virginia Attorney General’s Office for litigation depending upon the outstanding balance due, and you will be responsible for any attorney’s fees.

Veterans Affairs

A representative in the Financial Aid Office is available to assist veterans with their Veteran Education Benefits, and the Admissions Office is available to assist with admissions and counseling-related issues.

Student Right to Know

The Student Right-to-Know Act, passed by Congress in 1990, requires institutions eligible for Title IV funding, under the Higher Education Act of 1965, to calculate completion or graduation rates of certificate- or degree-seeking, full-time students entering that institution, and to disclose these rates to current and prospective students. Every institution that participates in any Title IV program and is attended by students receiving athletically-related student aid is required to disclose graduation/completion rates of all students as well as students receiving athletically-related student aid by race/ethnicity, gender and by sport, and the average completion or graduation rate for the four most recent years, to parents, coaches, and potential student athletes. To read more about the Student Right-to-Know Act, please visit the National Center for Education Statistics website.

For information specific to Richard Bland College, please visit the College Navigator website.

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