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VI. Campus Engagement

Campus Engagement

Responsible for Maintenance: Director of Student Life and Athletics

The  Student Life collaborates with campus and community partners to enhance student learning and satisfaction. We seek to provide students with a variety of learning and enrichment opportunities that they may gain the insight, sensitivity, and integrity necessary for achieving their future goals.

Students are encouraged to get involved in the many activities and leadership opportunities offered at Richard Bland College. Student Assembly elections are held annually for students interested in representing the student body on policy issues and improving the quality of life on campus. Student organizations are another valuable way that students can create new opportunities for community on campus. These can represent any number of interests and activities. Student leaders often are invited to attend regional undergraduate conferences at William & Mary and elsewhere to learn more about their leadership styles and strengths.

Events at Richard Bland College create a rich, vibrant, and inclusive community of students and staff. We host social events, annual traditions, field trips, cultural awareness activities, transfer events, career recruiting events, transfer information sessions, and more. Also, students have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminar series related to topics including leadership, wellness, financial fitness, and connecting with the surrounding community.

Students and staff who are interested in planning a student activity also may apply for funding from the Student Assembly. These funds may be used to pay a visiting speaker, to buy food for a cultural awareness activity, or to pay for similar activities that benefit the student community.

Please contact the Office of  Student Life (activitiesandleadership@rbc.edu) for more information and to learn how to get involved.

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